A bag begins

I took some photos from the beginning of the idea for a bag all the way to through the process. I chose moss green wool this time and decorated it with beautiful flowers.

I get my inspiration from the books, nature, magazines - and the finished product sometimes resembles the ideas, most of the time not. Somehow it seems that the flowers are taking over the little bees and birdies but we´ll see.

Soon I am off to funfair with my fantastic goddaughters and that should be not only great fun but also give me some inspiration too. I cannot (will not, don´t want to) take any rides at the gadgets but I´ll be enjoying the happy faces. And some sun, finally!

Enjoy your week!


parTea lady said...

I love your green wool bag - the flower flap is so pretty. Do you keep an inspiration journal too and jot things down as they occur to you?

I'm with you on the rides - I can't take roller coasters at all. The teacup ride is more my speed.

Mia said...

Thank you again for your nice words - and I love the bag too. I put it up for sale but I seriously think of keeping it myself :) And yes, I keep an inspiration journal: I cut the pictures of the magazines and cards, calendars etc.

The fun fair was great! My brave sis took a ride on the big wheel while I was safe&secure on the ground :)

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Your bag is GORGEOUS!~~~XXOO, Beth

Mia said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! It´s great to have you visit me, and I´ll be sure to come to enjoy (read: envy almost) all your vintage finds again!

Many sunny greeting from Finland!