Baby stuff

It is funny how sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the greatest, but you just need to get the idea first. This time all it took was a question from a beloved friend "How about...?" and my answer was "Let me think, I have never done one before" followed by a big WHY? Oh my, I am sure at this point you all are more likely to ask WHAT? so let's get to the point: Bibs. Baby bibs with happy Moomins:

Baby-models can cost a pretty penny so my beloved teddy Jaques aka Jaska (just turned 38yrs) did the job, and quite well I must add. Above he is starring a yellow bias binded number with winter/summer theme.

Since there are no babies living at my house currently (one little princess visits quite often but she has just decided that age 1,5yrs is the right to loose the bibs for good) there was no any ready made bibs to find a pattern-ideas so a little googleing for the approximate measurements was in order. Then a newspaper and a plate were taken into action and a template was created. I have heard some real designers use computers and such to create their masterpieces but here we trust the old ways. Seems to work pretty well still.

After the basic design for the bib was done it was just matter of choosing the prettiest fabrics and refreshing memories from 25 some years back from school "How to use bias binding" and getting the very same heureka-moment than back then: the other side really is a tad wider and when you place that right (down), the sewing really is much, much easier. Big moments, friends...

And ta-dah! Happy bibs for pretty spring babies! 

These are such fun to make, so if any babies around yours are in need of pretty bibs, just let me know and I will sew some more (a lot more, I think, as the baby-news keep coming from all over the world), materials I definitely have enough *ahem* 

Happy Sunday, everyone!



Welcoming March with flowers

Welcome March! Welcome sunshine, colors and flowers! Welcome yet an another year under my belt soon *ahem*, welcome lighter days and melting snow! Thank you dear Jane from that fantastic piece-of-art flowers-card, and thanks mom for those striking tulips. I simply need to have a daily fix of flowers, and have been buying a happy bunch weekly since beginning of February. Talk about a cheap addiction!

Flower-y details have found their way to my handmades too, lately, and somehow they seem to make those woolen items much more springlier (I know, a word handmadebyMia), or what do you think? These colors can be found in my shop here, and for the first week of March there will be a sale on too, with code


(hah, you just did not see that coming?) you will get -20% of your order (excluding shipping fees). Here is info how to use the coupon code in Etsy. Happy browsing, Etsy is a treasury box full of handmade goodies to be found!

Happy March-days everyone!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...