Meeting Clara

Oh my, what a week! I had so much in my to-do-list, and most of them (as always) were to accomplish at the same time... So hectic it was but great! And to make my days brighter and happier I had a long waited visitor to stay for almost whole week... Please meet Clara:

Clara is a happy traveling owl and she travels all around world, and visits many creative people, and now it was my turn! And what a lovely time we had! As I was busy getting a big order ready and shipped, Clara was more than happy to help! She tried needle felting...

... participated posed for a photoshoot...

"I've never been in Japan, do you think they would notice if I went with these birdies?"

Our days were full of activities, and in the evenings we just fell in sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. Clara slept greatly in her busy-bee bed:

...and after a well-deserved beauty-sleep she was ready for some more action...

She helped me to sort and pack a few things, and we also wrote a card to Clara's best friend, Hans the Hedgehog! We wish Hand gets his card soon. Clara misses Hans a lot even she has the best time visiting wonderful, new people, and I wanted to ease that a little. So I made Clara...

A hedgehog-hat! Fits her perfectly too! Clara travels with her precious journal, where every one who meets her can write a note, draw a picture or capture some memories any way they wish. I scribbled down a few pages too...

 ...just before it was time to get Clara safely packed for her travel to the next destination, Sweden! Thank you so much for your visit, sweet Clara, and happy and safe travels! 

I wish you all the Happiest and sunniest May Eve! Hoot hoot!


P.S. You can find out more about Clara&her travels by clicking the sidebar button in my blog "Follow Clara's Travels" or you can read about it here, and oh please go visit Susi, the wonderful lady behind Clara here - all this will make you smile, I promise!



It's been a strange week, many happy and also many horrible things have happened. My heart goes out for everyone related to Boston-tragedy, and I am sending warmest thoughts your way. On the other hand sun shines here and I am finally (FINALLY!) soon getting something, I have been dreaming on for some time now: a new, big studio! More of that later (with pictures and all, I promise!), but for now I am just happily dancing around, it's been a long wait. And this happy occasion is causing some packing, re-organizing and decluttering, and I thought this would be a perfect, perfect time to get my shop-shelves emptied too. So:

*clicking the images below will take you straight into my shop to see the items pictured

It's a sale, and everything is - 40% with a very imaginative code SALE13 - and I mean everything:


...pouches, cozies and keyrings, and...

... pins and figurines too. Even the things that were on sale before, it's -40% of those too now! All you need to do, is hop into my shop, and use the coupon code SALE13 (here's how-to) when making a purchase, and the discount will be automatically calculated (the shipping fees are excluded).

Welcome, and happy, peaceful weekend!



Kitty cut

When there are two cute kitties to pack...

...and some thrifted fabrics to choose from...

...the choice is pretty obvious...

...or what do you think?

Yup. I thought you'd agree.

Happy weekend!



Sealed with a kiss

When was the last time you wrote a letter? I mean a real letter, not a text or an e-mail? I know, it's been long for me too. I love receiving letters, there's something much more personal in hand-written note than an e-mail (even I LOVE them too). I can still remember when I was a child, we wrote constantly. By hand - all the time. I had many penpals all over the world, and at school we girls wrote letters to each other daily even we were together all the time. I really miss that easiness in writing, you didn't need a special occasion to write, you just picked up a pen and started scribbling. And the receiver loved your note, and wrote back.

Nowadays I do not even have a proper stationary. I used to have many different papers for letter-writing and matching envelopes, too. I am so happy I won these beautiful flowered notecards from Anne's spring giveaway a while ago, thank you! These cards are great, there's plenty space but not too much, so it's easy to start writing a little more than Hi! or Happy Birthday! Anne writes most wonderful notes (and always by hand!), and she makes beautiful things too: Please visit her beautiful shop here, there's a sale going on for a few days still! 

I also thought that maybe I would write more often if I had a pretty pencase? It would caught my eye every now and then and inspire me to get my pens out and write a little note for someone special. And once I got it going...

...I couldn't stop after one, so there are a few in my shop too! Sealed made with a kiss love! 

Happy Monday!



Candy colors

Welcome April! Welcome colors! I have been inspired by Easter candy we still have  I had to purchase an another batch for this photoshoot. Colors make me happy, and if you like them too, those (and some other) bags can be seen more closely in my candyshop shop here. Candy long gone (again) I'm afraid.

Lovely weekend!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...