This rainy summer is just perfect for fishing (and not much else), and around here we have some smaller and bigger enthusiast fishermen. And they're adorable both. It's easy to get into action too, all you need to do is walk down our home road and you have a river full of (small) fish. And when godfather leads the way, it safe too. Fishing itself is a co-operation except when a fish is caught, that's godfather job still. Some sandwiches are essential, size of the catch not so much. And when a little fisherman is so very tired when we head home, godfather's arms are a must.
Wonderful weekend!




It's Midsummer Day already, I can't believe it! My past weeks have been very busy, and I have been neglecting both my own blog-updates and also the lovely blogs I read. I apologize, and promise to be back in both on more regular basis soon, starting today.
Summer is still late here (it actually haven't really even started), and the weather has been bad. Cold, rainy and windy, and my roses have opened just a few buds. They're usually in full bloom around midsummer, but not his year. But it really doesn't matter as these a few days have been beautiful and sunny, full of friends and family, good food and relaxing. Just what I needed after quite a busy month. 
We did the annual wool-road trip this week even there really wasn't time for it, and I brought home some wool. This week has been so busy I haven't even taken all of it out the huge plastic bags it's stuffed. The wool was really needed as my stash started to look rather empty  - now all the shelves will be bursting all the pretty colors possible. And just in time, I can happily say, as I have had many custom orders this month and still have quite a few to finish. And summer-sale has emptied the shelves in my shop nicely too; there's now plenty of room for new designs too!
This week has been full of lovely surprises too. This first I was actually expecting to arrive, as I knew that I was the happy winner in lovely Jane's giveaway! It was my first win ever (really), and wow! I love the pink (my favorite color, how is this even possible) pin, and have been wearing it non-stop past two days since it arrived. I am sure I'm the very only person around this county (country?) to have one, and it makes me feel very special - to have such a wonderful friend like fantastic Jane. Thank you dear! And as the pin wouldn't been more than enough, Jane also sent me one of her famous and award-winning cards, it's most beautiful red-white-blue-design. You can see more of her masterpieces here.

I also received an award from lovely Fleur - thank you so much! I was really flattered to get this one as it was given by Fleur to 10 blogs that give her sunshine, what's more lovely to hear than this? There were a few questions attached to this award and here are my answers:
  1. Favorite animal: Cat, definitely. I am a cat-person, and even I do not have one of my own at the moment, I keep dreaming. And there are may wonderful blog-cats I adore too (kisses to Billy and all Vivienne's pretty purr'ers)
  2. Favorite number: Um...numbers are not that important to me, but if I need to mention one, it would be 33. Just for the teenage-crush memory
  3. Favorite non alcoholic drink: I love coffee. Just some hot coffee and cold milk at home or a good latte at coffee shop and I am a happy girl
  4. Facebook or twitter: I am really bad at both, twitter I do not use and FB I neglect. I am going to make a new FB-page to my business when I find a minute but in the meanwhile I suck at both, unfortunately
  5. My passion: Handmade things. Knitted, felted, sewn - you name it, I will make it. I am more than fortunate to spend my days making things and slowly but surely my little business grows day by day
  6. Getting or giving: Giving, definitely. I LOVE making cards, wrapping presents, making little things to make people happy
  7. Favorite pattern: Oh man, I'm bad with patterns! I usually modify them if I even use one, but mostly I just create one of my own (and nowadays even write them down so I can repeat the design!)
  8. Favorite day of the week: Friday. Week's workload done, and the weekend is still ahead
  9. Favorite flower: Lily of the Valley for its scent and Midsummer-roses in my garden just because it's summer when they're open
  10. Favorite country: Finland. Doesn't sound too exiting, but I've been elsewhere long enough to learn to love this cold and spare place. This said I am so moving into Spain any year now
That's all folks except the difficult part: choosing ten blogs to receive the award. I do not know how many of you have this already, but I am offering it to these eight fantastic ones nevertheless (not in any particular order):
  1. Jane's Journal
  2. Green Rabbit Designs
  3. Helen Philipps
  5. mynestofyarnandbuttons
  6. The Linen Cat blog
  7. verykerryberry
  8. knitsofacto
And I am completely happy even you guys can't find time to participate, just pick the sunny-award pic and place it into your blog, you have definitely brought me sunshine! And that list has links into those sunny places, please take a look if you haven't already!

Wonderful Midsummer-weekend!



Summer sale

Summer sale in my shop 8.6.2012 - 22.6.2012 (that's Midsummer!), everything (except the shipping fees) -20%! Use the coupon code SUN2012 to get your discount! 

Happy shopping and sunny weekend soon!



Color therapy needed

Is there such a thing as beginning-of-summer-blues? I mean sort of spring-tiredness but later than usual. I have had the symptoms (I'm tired, restless, can't focus, start things but find it hard to complete anything) for a week or so now, and everything seems a bit blaah. I am sure it's the weather too (rain, wind, cold, gray), after two fantastic summers this feels so wrong. And it might also be that I just need a break, a holiday of some sort, to get my mind clear from everything I've stored in there, and to get back to the happy creativity-route again. But this is enough of moaning, there have been happy moments too lately, and some instantly helping color therapy too:

While searching some fabrics a few days ago in a local thrifstore I found these colorful little frames. They needed just a little TLC to be used again. The colors of the frames were quite "me" with some bright oranges and yellows, and they suited my HandmadebyMia-art just great. Or what do you think?
Yellow frames (tiny but just enough for these arts) just had to get a happy bee and a smiling cat with matching yellow bow. Just had. And the green...
...is for the Lily of the Valley naturally. The Lilies are opening here too slowly but surely, and the smell is divine, and  I would like to take a nap lying next to them just like the little tweet above. And last but not least were the orange frames...
There's one little birdie holding a flower and then there's the owl. The last orange frame had some tiny dents in it, and I first thought of tossing it but decided to try it after all. And look at that hoot! He's definitely looking a bit guilty like he would have been pecking those marks... And he ended up staying it that frame.
These just made me smile so wide, that all of the sudden everything started to seem a bit brighter and sunnier. I decided to put some of these little guys up to my shop to brighten your days too! So anyone feeling a little blue, take a peek and you'll be smiling again!

Happy first week of June!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...