Colors of July

Now that we're way past mid-July, a new phase is starting in our garden. The midsummer roses, lilacs and most of the daisies have gone, and they have made room for new, bright colors. Redcurrant bushes have turned red, berries are almost ready for picking.


Gooseberries are turning deep, rich red too, they will need a few more sunny days still - ouch how tart they are just before they turn into perfection. I could eat gooseberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack them between, so I feel very lucky to have two big bushes just outside our living room window.

Strawberries we have just a few little plants from my sister's garden that were moved into ours. Harvesting them will not be too hard this year, what you see above is just about what we'll get, and those I am still sharing with those sneaky fieldfares. But we'll still get our freezer full, I already have gone through two (five kilos each) boxes of store-bought strawberries, and some got into plastic bags ready for the winter too (quite a few were eaten while cleaning *ahem*).

I have written earlier of my missing gardening-gene, and this year wasn't that much of an exception. I bought a few pretty geraniums in early June, and they were officially declared dead by Midsummer. I partly blame cold, rainy weather, but I am sure my missing gene was actively helping too. I was going to toss the very sad looking brown spines (all the leaves were gone), but decided to give them a go still. I planted them all in one big pot, and look what happened! Those corpses have recovered, and there are tens of little buds all over! It will be a mystery what colors we'll see, but here's to zombie-geraniums!

I am next off to patio with Hercule Poirot (outside 23,7C , inside 25,1C), and I wish you a lovely, sunny week! 



Tuesday news

Happy mid-July!
I'm off to enjoy the sun with my beloved wool but just letting you know that

Happy Tuesday!




Greetings from a happy sweatshop! I know the word doesn't particularly shout happy, but in my case it has been just that. The weather has been wonderful, hot and sunny, and I have set a studio on our new patio. With +26 and such degrees I have been sweating, smiling and working. And loving every single minute of it.

My latest creations come in these happy bags! I know, you have seen something little similar before, but these new guys haven't got that much to do with Easter, they are more summery-themed this time.

There is a happy bunny with the world's biggest carrot under his paw! He comes with a bunny&carrot themed pouch and is ever so ready to make anyone smile!

And then the little birdie with a flower...

...and not a batch without a kitty!


Or what could be more summery than a happy little ladybug?

And for last but not least there's a happy fox with his little birdie friend!

All have little metal pins on back for easy use

and they all can be seen more closely here.

I am now off to create some new things to show for you soon (I almost live outdoors 24/7 these days, and I will soon be known as the crazy wool-lady around this new neighbourhood too), and I wish you happy sunny and beautiful July days! See you here soon again!



Something old, something new

Second post coming in two days - that is a miracle (and the pace will most probably not last), but I just wanted to share you something I have been planning for a while and finally just got finished! It has nothing to do with weddings even the title may so suggest (there are no summer weddings for us this year, unfortunately), but it is all about my usual felted bag with a little twist.

A knitted and felted bag with a happy cat&birdie friends taking a nap, nothing that new there, but these little shiny additions are:

Metal D-rings for both ends, and that allows me to add

an adjustable fabric strap! It can be shortened for a shoulderbag-use, or when it is on its longest, the bag goes crossbody even if you are really tall taller like me!

I used pink (matches the kitty's nose&birdie&flower) linen to make the strap, and I also used it to line the bag (with a little kitty-fabric naturally) too for some practical pockets for the must-carry-items.

A happy result!

More of these on their way (no surprises there), and once finished, they can be found here

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


P.S. Still gray&rain-ish here, so if you have extra sunshine, please send this way asap. Thank you!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...