It's that fabulous time of the year again when we, Finns, can will get crazy together. People gather together with family and friends, some go to bars with big screens, we BBQ, some have a few *ahem* drinks, and everyone loves every minute of it. The celebrations might even go until tomorrow depending the result. Of what you ask? Oh well, of the Ice Hockey World Championship Final of course. We made it to the Final, against all the odds and with a bumpy ride, and are after our third cold (previous victories 1995 ans 2011). Nothing on no one can stop us watching, not the weather being +30C, or the European Elections (I voted in advance last week just in case and so did many others). This evening we'll shout and dance and hopefully win too. I know this is not everyone's favorite subject, but I can't help it. Blue and white are the colors to wear here today. 

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday too!



Sun shine on me

We've had wonderful weather here for a while already. I didn't dare to blog about it first as it could so easily disappear, but since this is the fifth day in a row over +20C I think it is safe to announce: Summer is here! Finally!

It is green and pretty everywhere, although most flowers haven't appeared yet, but look at those leaves! Simply fantastic!

I got our windows cleaned during last weekend too and wow! what a difference! You would think that a newly done house + new windows = clean but uh-oh, no. There was still that renovation dust inside (and out) and overall they just needed a good wash. And they look fantastic now  - I highly recommend this, even a gray day looks better with sparkling windows! And I am not sure if it's the light coming in or what but I have been putting together some pretty bright and happy summer bags.

These bags were made with a smile in my face and I wish it shows. The colors are bright, happy Bob-birds are there, and size is just great for those summer days when all you need is a wallet, phone and good book and you are ready to go.

Happy colors, cottons paired with some wool-blends and needle felted birds. You simply can't go wrong!

And as you all know my strongest point is not to make one or maybe two bags *ahem* so more still on my desk, on their way to my shop here:

Happy days! I wish your days are warm and beautiful too!

Sunny Tuesday!



Keep calm and have a cookie

Cookie is a cookie, right, just a happy extra with a good cup of tea? Sure, but when the cookies come in a pretty tin like this: 

...and shaped like these:

They can be a tad more than just cookies!

My dear sister found me (and her) these happy Moomin-cookies last weekend, and I must admit the bottom of the jar almost shows already. And when ones tea breaks look like this:

...one can't help sewing these:

I know. Cookie is so much more than a cookie sometimes!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



Happy finds

I found some happy colorful plastic beads while thrifting the other day, and even I know I have quite a few already, I simply couldn't resist these little butterflies and elephants.

Sometimes it only needs a little kick to get things moving, and this time these happy beads were what it took. I went through all my almost-finished-piles and oh my, I had some little elephants and some birdie-pouches what just needed the last stitches to be ready, and to add something little extra and these new beads were just a cherry on top, first the elephants:

And then the birdies and butterflies:

And oh my, once I got started, there was no end to it (as usual), all these little pouches were finished in almost that same go:

These are all going to be in my shop here soon, and to celebrate both spring sunshine and also to have one pile unfinished things less they are all in sale now (14usd, usually 16-18usd). Welcome to have a look!

Lovely Thursday!



Welcoming May

Blooming flowers + pretty balloons + homemade doughnuts + more balloons and other decorations paired with some wintery fairy lights (oops) + world's best snooker + angry balloons + umpteenth round of Adrian Mole Diaries (honoring late Sue Townsend with gratitude and laughter with some tears) = Welcome wonderful May!

Wishing you a fantastic first of May!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...