Give away!

Dear friends,

I wrote on my earlier post that I´ve reached 300 sales at my etsy shop and would love to celebrate it somehow. So I decided to make it a give away instead of sale so everybody can participate! So please leave a comment on this post (even just a hello will do!) and on 6th of November 2009 I´ll randomly choose two of you to get little something from my shop. I´ll ship them anywhere you are, too!

I have chosen two items which have had quite a few admirers (hearts as we call them at etsy), one Moomin pouch and one felted pouch (my specialties both, so to speak) so please when commenting, let me know which one you would like to get:

A blue zippered Moomin pouch "Moomins in love"


A white birdie and tree felted cellphone cozy!

Happy commenting and Happy Halloween!


**edit 6/11/2009 I am now closing the comments - thank you all!**


I hit 300 number at my sales yesterday! In my little shop that is. It is a big one, and I think and I´ll be having a give-away or sale or something to celebrate it with all of you this weekend. I´ll be back to that later today. Until then:




Yet an another week gone

Oh-oh, my week of freedom is over. Already. Darn.

No really, I think I got quite a few things done (even I didn´t post anything here, pardon me) and even some crafts. I also visited a craft show with my sister and my dear bh* started to renovate an extra space for my crafts (will be in use maybe next summer) - so a crafty week, indeed. The resting was not done but knitting on my own sofa with cup of coffee in 9.00 am with no rush to run anywhere equals 8 hours sleep, take my word.

I also got some orders finished which made me quite happy. The last is still on my table but here´s a little peak:

Here ame others I made (even with my tooth aching, how come it hurts more after the dentist´s appointment than before?) this week:

...and some more yet to be photographed. Not bad?


Now it´s (only) two months until Christmas, not too bad either. Have a happy new week!



Photo shoot

It is a lovely day, sunny and bright. Just perfect for a photo shoot. Enjoy!

Happy Saturday!


Cloud nine

Oh, what a bliss: for next nine (9) days I am having an autumn break! Holidays if you like. I plan to knit, felt and sew a lot. Before that I am going to have some fun moments with an old friend (tomorrow), suffer after that, probably quite a bit (day after tomorrow). But on Monday I will start crafting full speed, and I´ll be back then with some pictures.

Until then: eat, drink and be merry!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...