Thank you

My little shop hit a very significant number in sales during the weekend, and to thank you all there's a pre-holidays sale 26.11.2012 - 3.12.2012: 
ALL items (excluding the shipping costs) -20% with a coupon code HOLIDAYS

Lovely last Monday of November!


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Despite the weather giving its absolute best (stormy wind, horizontal rain, no light what so ever) I managed to take pictures of first three Christmas 2012 stockings:

You're most welcome to take a closer looks of them in my shop here. I've also ordered some prettier moments from the weather-fairy for this weekend, so fingers crossed... More on their way!

Lovely weekend!


P.S. There's one stocking in my shop from last year too, and on sale naturally!


Stocking up

Stocking-collection 2012 sneak peek. Coming up tomorrow!

Happy Thursday and lovely Thanksgiving!



Knitting in the rain

It's only 35days until Christmas, and I for sure should be showing the pretty new stockings here, but no such luck today. I blame the weather, it really couldn't be further from the winter wonderland...Please see yourself:
Just gray and well...miserable, really. But it's not that bad here, it's just that I've been making more colorful and cheer-me-up-sort of things than Christmas-items. Like birdies and bunnies...
...and some more bunnies...
...and some more...
...and wait a minute, this one actually is Christmassy! Yippee!
 ...and the lining most certainly is, I found it a while ago in a local thrift-shop. I love it, it has tiny stockings and presents on it...
And the stockings will appear here (and in my shop) soon too. This is a promise. And soon they should as it's getting closer to the last shipping dates from here (Finland) to anywhere else (meaning further locations like US, Japan), it would be great to get the parcels shipped around Dec. 3-7th to make sure they'll arrive in time. And you, my dearest inside Europe, we should still be alright shipping on the following week meaning Dec. 10-14th. I will have my shop open until Christmas as usual, but anything wished as gift should be ordered pretty soon. It really is that close!

I wish you a wonderful Tuesday, and we'll see here soon soon soon again!




Hello dear Friends!

Thank you so much all of you who participated to my cards-giveaway! There were 19 of you (yippee!), and I just draw the winners! I apologize the darkness of these images, but when it's this bright outside *little sarcasm here* what you can expect inside
...but to the happier issues; here are the official pictures:
 ...shake-ty, shake-ty shake...
 ...da-daah, the first:
 ... the second...
 ...and the third:
 Here they are:
1.Cindy (Cynthia), who said: "I like the red set best! All are so cute...Hi from Cindy"
2.Heartsease54 said: "I love the grey set the best-thanks for the chance to win!"
3.Caro left the comment: "I like the grey-set most. I must say that you are very creative! I just love your creations. Caro"

Thank you so much ALL for your wonderful comments on my cards, and congratulations to the winners! It'll be a red-set for Cindy, and gray sets for the other lovely winners! Heartsease54's email I found via your blogger-profile (I'll be contacting you in a minute!) and Caro, laitahan meiliä tulemaan handmadebymia ät gmail.com ja laittele osoitteesi minullepäin, niin saan lintuset matkaan sinulle! and Cindy, please confirm that you're Cindy I already know via handmadebymia at gmail.com THANK YOU!

Lovely Thursday, everyone!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...