The very last days of April

Oh my, I have lost almost a whole week by being ill. I had the spring-flu of the century, and I have spent last five days in my bed. Huh, I am still weak but I up and walking at least. That's enough of that horrid experience, but please take a look of the nature around here now:

I know - what a difference a week can make! The snow has almost gone and grass is  green-ish again. Sun shines, and I've been told it has been +10C every day this week. Just about the time I would say. 

I haven't got that much to show to you but still a few more bags I have made. These I actually got finished last weekend already, but the last pictures were taken today with somewhat shaken hands and legs. I am so behind my schedule (I had a plan which included a shipping of a custom order today - just didn't happen) but sometimes you just need to take it slow. I'll be working this weekend though as Monday&Tuesday are great holidays here, May 1st opens the SUMMER-SEASON for real! So I am back to my designing-felting-sewing and wish you all happy Friday, and sunny weekend soon too!

Stay healthy!



Batch of spring

Do you still remember these bags from last spring? I realize that those pictures were taken 27th of April (which is a week later than today) but still. I mean look at the nature, there's no snow! And for the reality check here's the same yard last evening:

Taken through window? Indeed, who would get out with a camera when it's like this:

Blimey. But I'm a hardcore crafter and spring-will-come-to-those-who-wait-believer, and I made a batch of spring bags 2012 even the weather is drastically horrible! There was no putting then on a ground for picture-taking like last year though, but who cares?

There's a green, sort of burgundy-violet and pretty blue bag ready and red is still on my needles. I have been eyeing yellows and oranges too. I know, I know, I just get into something, and keep making many. More the merrier and all that?

I wanted to make not only springly but also larger style-bags into my shop and also use some smaller skeins of yarn ends I have. A mission accomplished! And since the technical difficulties* seem to keep me from uploading more pictures, you can see the bags more closely here.

Happy Thursday!


*Anyone else confused with the new blogger? I just spent an hour and half trying to figure out how to get the pictures in right place/size/order and how to play with pictures AND text and *add an ugly word here* still not right. I had many more pictures ready for you, but there's not enough hours in my evening so this will do for now. I'm sure it's fab once I can get it working - next year, maybe?


Busy biker brings best buttons

When the days get brighter and streets dry, I get my beloved bike out. It's so much more easier to go to thriftstores and fleamarkets too; I can just take my bike and be on my way in minutes, and avoid that parking spot seeking which I absolutely hate. The down side is that weather quite often surprises the happy biker: it was sunny and +something degrees when you left home and when you hit the road to get back you might face slippery, icy roads and horizontal sleet. You might say that keeps it all interesting and oh yes, makes the treasures you find so much more appreciated.

I have found some pretty fabrics and some books missing in my collection lately, but the thing made me most cheerful was found on last Sunday when me&sis visited a big, indoor fleamarket in a local sports hall. We didn't have that high hopes as the weather was Finnish-spring at its best (heavy rains and dark clouds hanging low) but I found a treasury almost immediately when we arrived: buttons!

And it's not news of any sort that I love buttons! I have quite a few but there's always room for more. Always. And to my defense I can say I actually use them, a lot. All that said you can imagine after I found those pretty ones my face looked like this (and please notice my earrings):

Happy! There were many older ones (the seller-lady told me they date around '85 - my favorite era), and I got some new, flowery plastic beads and tiny pink (yes, pink!) hearts and crowns too. And to prove my point of using the treasures also here are my latest creations, happy tweets with happy button-cozies! These will end up my shop when I find the time.

Lovely Tuesday!



Back to reality

Holidays are over for now, but there's not that long until May 1st, which will be the next big thing here, some bank holidays and all. And even Easter was wonderful, I think even more fantastic is the spring we have here now! Snowing has stopped, streets are drying up and you can almost hear snow melting.

Around this time each year I start searching from my stash something else than wool, usually it's tweed but this year it seems to be wool-polyester blends paired with some cheerful characters and bright colors. I love knitting and felting and really do it all year round but with summer in mind there's always a phase of something different. After a while I'll blow the dust off my needles and happily clicketi-click my bags and pouches again. And outside soon too I wish.

These little phone-cozies are on their way to far, far away already, but more is on my desk. I wish to get some to my shop too after I have finished yet an another custom batch. That reminds me that I really shouldn't be here but on my sewing machine... It's just been quiet a few days and I just need to chat with you, friends! I wish your holidays were fab and you're all enjoying great weather these days too.

Happy Wednesday!



Easter I'm in love

...the weather not so much. It's really not that Easter-y (I wish you can see it in the pictures above but if not it SNOWS), but it's wonderful still. I am just off to deliver some of my HandmadebyMia Easter cards, and I am going to walk come rain or shine (you may know which it's going to be unfortunately).

I made these cards by cuttings pretty images from the old Easter cards (I keep almost all the cards we receive, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and I have quite a stash), cut the greetings from the other cards "Happy Easter greetings" and "Happy thoughts" they say, added a bit of stitching, some felt flowers and greenery and voilá! I'm loving them and I wish the receivers will too.

Happy days, friends!




These are bright, light, happy days full of bunnies...

...nephew-made decorations for auntie (and uncle) with auntie's taste: pink!

...auntie-made surprise bags...

...chocolate treats...


...We took an early start to Easter on Sunday! We had a little visitor bringing us happiness for this year, and he got some treats already even the official way here is to give the treats on Easter-weekend. Well we had something for him for both (his beloved Lego's waiting and just maybe a bit more chocolate). This is one of the sweetest week of the year, a four-day-weekend waiting. I hope you all can feel the spring and light and happiness too! Enjoy the long weekend ahead, chocolate and family are all you really need, and sunshine is on my personal wish-list too. Nothing more, really.

I was planning to list the cards to my shop around the Easter weekend too, but got a head start on those too! There will be sweet sets of four cards appearing into my shop here today, and later on single cards too. Busy bee I am but that long weekend just around the corner keeps me going...

Wonderful Easter week everyone!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...