This week has really started autumn here: leaves and raindrops are falling, and it is significantly cooler and darker all the time. What else there's to do but try to embrace this season with nature's beautiful



...and atmosphere...

...inside and out...

... makes your day much brighter! I am working on some autumn-ish pillow cases (like one below) this rainy Friday, and they'll jump into my shop here one by one during this weekend. And to make this weekend a little more special all pillow cases (older and these new) are - 20%

Happy weekend, dear friends!




I apologize this winning-picking process being a bit late, but my dearest Assistant leads such a busy life that we didn't get our schedules match before today. But just a little while ago we finally made it, and here are the results now:

Thank you so much all of you who entered! You were listed in a A4, and the Official Inspector aka Assistant got to work:

Thinking...thinking...choosing (my assistant is somewhat reading-challenged still, so the decision was made truly by heart)... who to pick...

...More thinking... there are just so many to choose from... but then, suddenly:

"I did it! I chose the winner" "--- Really? Can you hold the paper still for a sec, dear?"

"Um... A little longer perhaps, please? Oh my..." Here we go:

"Who is it, auntie? Who did I pick?" "It's a lovely lady called Jane!" "Alright!" he then said and made it official by drawing a line and signing the paper...

...That's just too cute! "Anything else you would like to add, perhaps, dear?"

Thaaaank you!


Congratulations, dear Jane from Jane's Journal, I'll be emailing you in a minute, and get your pouch into the mail asap! Thank you still once everyone!

Happy Tuesday!



Lucky lucky lucky

Friday was a great postman-day. I received my winning-parcel from Jane's giveaway - wow!

A big bunch of beautiful fabrics! Jane makes the most beautiful things with these vintage (and some new) fabrics, just take a look at her shop - those pillowcases are adorable (and so is everything else)... No wonder my bunch has some pretty-pretty-prettiness in it:

Receiving all these pretty fabrics (Thank you SO much still once, Jane!), made me think... I will most definitely keep most of them myself *ahem* but it definitely wouldn't hurt to pay it forward, just a little of this prettiness, there's so much to share. So I took a look at my own stash, and almost the first little patch of fabric I saw was an autumn-ish little mouse picking some berries, perfect!

...and within a few minutes I had also chosen some of those winning-fabrics to go with the mouse, and to the sewing board I went. I am not a quilter by any standards, but...

 ...Pouches I have sewn quite a few. Hello little mouse!

I chose some of my own and some of Jane's fabrics, and added some felt lingonberries on top too. There's a zipper on top of the pouch, and a tiny pocket inside too.

And this little mouse-pouch I'm giving away - if you would like to win it, just leave a comment on this, today's post, and I'll pick the winner on September 15th. I will ship the pouch (and some chocolate in it too, definitely), anywhere, so everyone's welcome to participate! Good luck to you all, and...

 ... Happy Sunday!


P.S. It seems that I should be so lucky with giveaways by Jane, I have won three times in these blogging-years of mine, and two of those generous ladies were Jane! So if you have any Jane-giveaways in mind, just let me know, please, as they say: there's no two without three!

P.P.S. There's still a autumn sale in my shop, with the code LEAF13 -25% off!


We wish you a happy...

Just a happy weekend soon -wishes and a little shop announcement, too:

By clicking the little happy tweet above you'll get to see him more closely (and some more of my creations too), there's a autumn sale in my shop. The discount code is LEAF13, and that'll give you -25% of everything (except shipping)... Happy browsing!

Sunshine from here!



Back again


...E ...

...FF ...

...A ...

...LUMPS ...

...Heffalumps are back*!

Happy Wednesday!


*and they can be seen more closely here.

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...