Sneak peak

Just a sneak peak from Santa' s workshop!

More of these tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday!



Come rain or...

We went to bed yesterday and it was raining, and we woke up on this! The original winter wonderland! And now it's getting damper again, and heavy rains estimated here tomorrow...What on earth is going on? Anyone else experiencing these strange changes? I am not complaining that much, though, as I already counted one less month to snow-shoveling (to my dear husband that is) as the snow just can't stay her until June no matter how late it arrives, right?

Some little Christmas/winter oriented crafts have been made here too as I just got my huge custom orders finished. Not that much, but it's a start...

And I really should continue my stocking-cutting and not spent my days surfing the net... I think it will help if I promise to show them to you soon!

Happy last days of November and welcome December! How amazing is that?

Mia aka the Santa´s Little Helper


Feel it in your...

On Sunday we had "the official opening for the festival season" in our little city. It was dark when we got into the center, and millions of people everywhere. But someone met Santa, had a great go in a bouncy castle, the Christmas-lights were pretty and fireworks splendid. All in all wonderful!

The images are taken by me (no anyone else to blame) and they're terrible, but I hope you can feel it in your fingers...

...and feel it in your toes...

...Christmas is all around (soon) me...

...and so the feeling grows!

Happy week, dear friends!


P.S. Oh yes, it's all here to get you into right spirits! And oh yes second time: We've set the date to see the love actually, with my dear sis. It's a tradition not to be missed.


Latest from the winter wonderland

When we woke up this morning, it was here. The first snow. Last year it did arrive a month earlier, so I was (hopelessly I agree) wishing that is might not arrive at all. Didn't work, and it's getting colder too so this may be a keeper.

Oh well, there are only 39days until Christmas (I am shocked, actually) so little whiteness and brightness is actually a good thing. Somehow I have missed whole festive-thing this month, and last week I spent sneezing, coughing and worrying the list of needs-to-be-done-asap lengthening by the minute. I have been lucky to get many, many custom orders pouring in, but a week of illness wasn't on any of my lists. That said I have been making a great progress in last days, and I should be making many piles like this as we speak:

But, as you may have guessed already, I have gone astray again! And for a good reason, too, or what say you?

I have a new book! A book of Christmas balls! Knitted C-balls! I know - that's insanely wonderful! Check these out:

There was one pattern with the cutest pig on it too but just in case someone reading this blog might wish that for Christmas I do not want to spoil the surprise so hush...

I am in love! There are 55 (yes, fifty and five) patterns in that book, and I seriously want to try them all! The wonderful designer-duo was in Finland a few weeks ago, appeared in our morning television, and I ordered the book almost immediately. It took a while to arrive but it was so worth the wait. I will show you some beautiful Christmas-balls later... After I have finished the things in my list. I better hurry or the balls will be for Christmas 2012 - the list is still pretty impressive.

Happy week, dear friends and we'll talk soon again!


P.S. Thank you all so much for your congratulations, mails, cards and presents concerning my news on last post! We're amazed by your kindness, truly touched and still happily married!



When you read this, dear friends, there's a wonderful family-party going on. After almost two decades some ties were knot, some happy tears were shed and quite a few friends (and family too) were surprised. And as the journey to this day has not been the most traditional, nor is the celebration. There's no white princess gown, no veil or bouquet. Instead there is a beautiful black dress, some wine red shoes and a rosy-purse. Handmade that is, naturally. Diamonds are included - both in finger and purse. Traditionally honeymoons are for the bride&groom only, but this celebration is all about the family, so sisters, aunts, nephews and granma were all welcome, and we already are on the road to have a splendid weekend here, and there will be gifts for all to enjoy when we get there.

It's been a long yet wonderful journey to this day, and this is what it started with and I'll leave you with this weekend. Love from all of us to all of you and very merry weekend!

Mrs. N

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...