Merry all around

It has been merry, bright, happy, eventful, surprising, tasty, noisy, cold, sunny, loved ones all around = just perfect Holidays here. I wish you and yours have enjoyed everything to the fullest! The house is getting silent now, I am sauna-clean and wearing the pretty new woolen socks made for me by my dear, dear friend, and it simply does not get better than this. I am now off under the tree with a box of something good and a great book - it is still time to be merry for a few days. Enjoy!

With love,


Days around here

Oh my, it seems that December posting is not that intense this year. Days fly by, and it is almost third Advent already, only a week and some to go until the big day! Here are some pictures from the past week:

We had the first hyacinths (LOVE the scent, simply divine), celebrated Finland's 97th Independence Day, baked the first cookies (Hattifatteners are the traditional ones), and two candles were lid on the second Advent...

... first pretty cards arrived, and the first present too! I must not open it yet, I simply must not...

*click to enlarge and to see a bit closer*

...and my Christmas Village Everwood* is up! It has a new tree (with a music box) for its central square, and the happy snowman ice-skating (also with music) I got last year from my hb's sister. Everwood is pretty large already, but I am just off to Christmas Fair and there might be a little something to add still - villages keep growing, right?

Wonderful weekend to you all!


*Oh yes, named after one of my ultimate favorite TV-series 


Start counting

Happy December 1st! It is amazing that we are on this date now, somehow even this autumn was dark and gloomy, it went really, really quickly. And now it is time to start counting the days... And my blog would not be mine without the Advent candles, this year they are in beautiful vintage Festivo (by Timo Sarpaneva) candle holders (thanks, Sis!) and the candles are...pretty me (thanks again, Sis!), or what do you think?

This autumn has been so much better than last year, but I unfortunately didn't find the time to make a Christmas calendar for my blog. Older December-posts starting from December 1st here , here and here - you are so welcome to take a look of those, they were such fun to make. This year I think I will be blogging about my Christmas preparations around this almost-new-still house, but I can not promise everyday posts. But if the days continue to look like today, who knows?

Sunshine*! Oh yes! Almost blue skies! All day! Pure love!

Happy Monday, everyone!


*I was sent some sunshine a while ago from UK, and I think even it sure did take its time, it was from Vivienne& Jane. Thank you ladies, and please keep it coming!

This time of the year...

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