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What a year. Colorful, bright, gray, dark, light. Stripey, plain, rich, solid, pale. Wishing you a fantastic New Year 2012!

See you next year!



The very last days

Oh, Christmas is celebrated and New Year is just around the corner! This year has been wonderful, and it has brought many new things and experiences with it. I will make a monthly review on 31st, but I still would love to take a little look at 2011 already.

Our winter was fierce; it was long, cold, snowy and miserable. All the pictures taken between January-April have sort of cold blue tone in them, and I am still surprised I didn't break my camera while taking pictures in -30c degrees. Huh. But that said our summer was the best ever: long, hot and beautiful. I practically lived outdoors.

Sun was shining, it didn't rain at all, and it lasted until September or so... A perfect summer! The autumn was great this year too, not that rainy but mild and colorful (and winter hasn't really arrived this year yet, it's about 30degrees less cold than this time last year. I'm not complaining, just wishing that maybe it will not arrive at all this year?).

And the travels on 2011... I have had quite a few this year! The annual wool-expedition of course, but a few trips to Helsinki too, here are the traveling sisters on September:

And then there was the wedding, where bags were handmade, everyone wore their best (just look at those little shiny shoes) and everything was wonderful. We also had a lovely, lovely stay in that pretty castle-like hotel, and we're heading back for a "go-away-dull-January" weekend around 20th, yippee!

And the blogging world - it has been so wonderful to share all this with you this year again. You, my dear friends here&there&everywhere, have celebrated my birthday, summer holidays, wedding and Christmas with me, and made an average Monday/Tuesday/any day 100% brighter and happier. You have supported my business, complimented my creations and made me smile with your comments, e-mails, cards, letters and gifts - thank you so much! I wish I can be there for you (in sickness and in health as they say) in 2012 too - I know it'll be a special year for all. These are for you, dears:

Lovely last days of 2011!




Love is...

...self-pimped snowman-cardi...

...making it all happen together...

...having just enough snow to play a bit...

...getting and giving just what was wished for...

...a good book, some chocolate and new pair of socks...

Love is Christmas!

Happy December 25th!



We wish you a...

...Happy December 24th and...

... Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year 2012!



Three trees on twenty three

Today was a great day. I got the very last things of work finished, and within my nearest and dearest there were three Christmas trees to decorate today too.

Today was a very special day also because of the sun. It came out just suddenly, I can't remember last time it would have been this bright and beautiful (and these pictures are for you especially, dear Vivienne, I thought of you immediately), and it made me realize, that we've passed the shortest days of the year already!

Now I have done everything for Christmas, presents beautifully wrapped, house cleaned, pretty and decorated...

...all gorgeous food bought, delicious chocolates chosen (and tasted), gingerbread hearts baked and wonderful books and magazines waiting to be read...

...And this will be my cozy nook for next days. There's our tree, and you'll see it better tomorrow when sun hopefully comes out again. Now I am off to enjoy this special time...

...and I wish you the happiest December 23rd!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...