My days have been busy with knitting and felting lately, so it was a wonderful change to make same coasters too. Summer may have come close to its end, but these smiling little bees should keep it still in mind every morning!

And there was not one, not two but three little guys this time! And sort of happy fabric on back too, colorful and fun.

I know the back of coaster is rarely seen, but it's good to know that there's prettiness too. Makes me happy. What also makes me happy is the knowledge of the sisters-Helsinki-trip in three days. We have made list(s) of places we want to visit and see; there are so many wonderful shops, flemarkets and restaurants. We're there for a few days only, so we really need to make the most of it. We'll probably need a few days to recover after this weekend too, but it'll so be worth it. I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday!




Someone turned three. At first the birthday present didn't look that appealing...

But then...

...An elephant?

Oh yes.




Pimping the perfection

You would, quite easily even, think that when you already have the most wonderful cardigan ever, there's really no way to make it any better.


Enter a pink diamond-shiamond scarab...

... and now it's perfect.

Shiny Thursday!


P.S. Both the cardi and the little bug were thrifted finds, the jacket was found in Helsinki a few years back (picked for me by my sis) and the cutest insect I discovered at local fleamarket the other day costing 1euro/0,8£/1,4usd. Love.


National treasury

It's been almost six months since Japan suffered the horrible earthquakes. I wish life has little by little started to get back to normal in there, yet I know many people still need help. When a country suffers such a terrible shock, it needs time to heal. And if there's something that brings joy and happiness to whole nation, something that can also take the thoughts off the bad things, even for a short while - it helps.

I am not that big of a sports-fan, but when Japan women's football team won the 2011 World Cup in Germany (about a month ago) I had tears in my eyes. They were good, yes, but underdogs all the same, and won the medal for their country I am sure. Against all the odds.

I have heard, that Japan is crazy over the those soccer-ladies of theirs, and that is a wonderful thing - any reason to celebrate and to be proud of helps, and builds the nation stronger and more solid. Congratulations still once, even little belated!

Happy new week everyone!



Love at first sight

It's a well-known fact, that I am bad at shopping for me. I love finding clothes/books/toys/anything for my nearest and dearest, but for myself - huh. I keep asking myself do I really need this, can I really afford that... And of course being a self-employed is not getting you any richer (money-wise that is) and I cannot spend as much as I used to, and in many cases it's just easier to leave the shop without buying anything. But then again: sometimes a girl just needs to spoil herself.

We, me&sis, are going to have a little girls only-trip to Helsinki in a few weeks. We'll stay there Fri-Sun and explore the city (very familiar to both of us, we've lived there some years while studying) and maybe some shops too. But but but...Before I can hit the shops there, I need to have pretty clothes and a new bag. But naturally.

I have been looking a large yet beautiful leather bag for a long time. I have seen a few, but they've always been far too expensive. I like almost-affordable brands like Benetton, BjörnBorg and Esprit (both bags and clothes) but their larger bags are still quite expensive here. Today after my last appointment with my dentist (last for this tooth, yippee, it's shiny and beautiful!) I wandered to see local shops, and saw the bag I fell in love immediately. The only down-side was the brand (not one of my favorites, actually never heard of it before) so I needed to consult my sister. I took a call to her holding the bag tightly in my hands and after gotten her "I would take it if you love it and it's on sale and I will use it if you will not" approval I bought the bag. It's big, blond and and beautiful, and just so me. Now I only need the clothes to match but that's an another story altogether.

Happy weekend dearest!


P.S. Please ignore the sausage-rolls around my waistline, they really are layers of clothing. Really.


Hoppety hop

Going through your stash every now and then can really open the eyes. I knew I had a few bunny-fabrics in my stash, but there were more than I remembered. And cute too!

These have sort of 70s - 80s feel in them!

And these? Schools are starting here today - just take a look at that teacher-bunny, she seems to be quite serious about that math... And one happy mom-bunny knits there too!

And one bright yellow and happy!

And this cute one ended into a bag...

A cute bunny-girl bag that is!

Hoppety happy hop Monday!




One for him*...

One for me**...

And some for all!

Happy weekend!


*found in second-hand books shop today, he's a collector (both books and the real things)
** found in the same shop, I am a huge fan! And look, five books in one! Love! EDIT: Six books! Even better!


Giraffe vol.2

Some of you might remember these pillowcases still? I have been meaning to use that cutest giraffe figure somewhere again, but you know how it goes... This and that and those and something else still comes along. But hip-hooray, the giraffe got out finally and it's a bag this time:

And what would be cuter than a matching giraffe-lining? Does one exist even? But naturally:

I am happily thinking of mushrooms and foxes and berries and even colorful leaves as the summer-stays-with-us-until-October did not really happen after all. It's been cooler, rainier and...let's face it: autumn-ier. And I am alright with it (that's a first). Really.

Happy Monday!




How much happiness can one get from a new office-tool such as stapler?
You wouldn't believe.

Because it's pink. It also staples 30 papers at the time but more importantly it matches my nails. It also has 60months guarantee (do they give that to the new cars even these days?) but more importantly it's a beauty.

It's called Rapid pink freeze, and it just did that yesterday: it froze me in a local bookstore and made me buy it. Because it's pink (did I already mention that?), pretty (and pretty damn expensive) and 10% of the price went to breast cancer research. And also...It's pink.

Lovely weekend!



A rare hit

It's funny how in most of the time when you go to a thriftstore, you end up wondering around, going through many, many shelves and piles and nothing. And then once or twice out of a million (many I mean) visits you just immediately see what what you were looking for. A fabric, handles for a bag, a craft magazine. This is rather rare, but ah so satisfying. Take yesterday for example. I had worked really hard for my latest batch of bigger bags to Lappeenranta, and the bags were turning out cute. Except the lining... I didn't have anything cute for two of my seven bags. And look what happened when I cycled to my local flea market:



Yippee! And the other one:



Double yippee! (I think I should try lottery this week, I feel so lucky!) And here is the lot I shipped out today:

Mission accomplished. And oh, I have some new stuff to show to you later this week, too, I try to be back soon!

Sunny August everyone!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...