Busy bee

Friday again! It's my aunting day, love love love that. I got a lot done this week after all, and this busy bee is going to enjoy doing nothing tonight (maybe some Mexican food but that's absolutely it)! Happy, sunny and bright weekend to all of you! See you next week!



Time-machine needed

I have many things to do this week still and what!! is it Thursday again? I am absolutely certain, that time keeps going faster and faster every week. It was weekend just minutes ago, and I made so many plans for this week. Have I accomplished all? Not quite yet but hey, it's only Thursday morning.

I have been too busy to take any pictures, and it gets really dark here sooner and sooner. I think after 4P.M. it's almost pitch black. So there really are a few hours during the day when the outside pictures should be taken. Those also are the hours when I'm usually working hardest and am hesitant to go outside as it's hard to get myself back on working-track after pretty sunshine (read: some light outside). So here are some pictures from last Sunday, they must do for now.

I am off to work now (and cut the blabbering here) - happy Thursday!


Bereted bear

I really am in a mood for new hats, scarfs and mittens. I already have knit a fabulous MarioBeret by Jatta, modeled above by my beloved bear Jaques (aka Jaska, 33years of age) wearing his not-matching green dungarees (will show those later). There's a also the most beautiful (and ever so matching) corsage by Viv.

I also got patterns in hand, shown here are a Finnish knitting magazine Novita and an another magazine called Diana (A German one?) - it's a hats and scarfs only-issue, and my favorites from it - long and chunky scarfs with matching berets. So what seems to be a problem?

Anyone else finding it hard to get anything done for you? I mean finding time and energy for knitting or crocheting for yourself? Maybe it's because I work with my hands all day (and knit a lot) it doesn't feel as happy hobby when I pick up the needles in the evening for me-knitting. It feels like I rather would read or watch a DVD - and like the knitting was for working only. I knew this might happen when I decided to start trying to make a living with my handmades, and I know there's a difference between a bag-business-knitting and happy-knitting but still...

...look at his face! I think he (read: me) needs a matching scarf - I must be off to knit! J sends his love!

See you tomorrow!


Seasonal ramblings

I know I talk about the weather too much, but it just seems to be in so big part in our lives nowadays. We have snow, then rain, then little sunshine, then some snow again followed by some more rain. It's definitely autumn but when is it really winter?

I think winter needs and means at least some snow, so that said it's definitely not here yet. But I am happily using my new winter coat already and planning some new accessories to go with it. How come all my mittens and hats seem so last season (some even have holes, how do you miss that in spring?) and oh, pairs are a rare find. I have a distant memory of tossing them into a washer in a hot June morning and I may not have checked them too carefully...

I have wanted a tweed bag of my own since I started making them. Oh-oh, so I haven't got one yet, and these already are on their way to make someone else happy. I wouldn't mind keeping that set though, the little tweets look quite cheerful! Maybe next ones will stay here with me...

Happy Tuesday come rain or shine!


Wooling good

Oh, I had the greatest weekend! It all began on Friday morning already, when we started our journey to get some new wool. And some I did get, I'll show them to you better a bit later. Just a hint that there are more than 100 skeins of it and we need a new shelving system to them. Ahem, I also visited a craft show (exhibition? fair?) and it was so great. So much better than last year (when everyone was worried about the recession) and all the selling spots were full of beautiful things and smiling people.

I spent a significant amount on wool the day before, so I couldn't be lavishing but I found pretty little things that didn't break the bank. I had some pretty ribbons and some vintage buttons (love, love, love the pink ones!) and also the most beautiful papers, ribbons and stickers for Christmas cards. Those are at my sisters so no picture yet, but later for sure. Loved every minute of that fair!

I also finished a custom order that I had to postpone due to my illness, and that made me happy too. I'll be shipping it out tomorrow and hey-ho, now I am starting the other orders I had pending. How great is that?

The most wonderful Monday and week beginning to you all!



Next week here I come

This week has not been the greatest. That said I also have spent the loveliest moments with my little nephew, but that is almost only thing on my plus-sides table. So I definitely needed something to cheer me up.

When you're reading this, I have already packed my bag and we've hit the road for a little get-away. Its main purpose is to get me some new wool (oh dear, I almost have used all this) and also to see some new places and faces and as said already, to cheer me up.

I wish you a wonderful, sunny and bright weekend and also make a promise: next week will be totally moaning-free. No matter what happens - only happy little posts to come!


P.S. The happy kitty here was made with this pattern (and many, many my own adaptations).



Thank you all for get well soon wishes yesterday! I am feeling much better already. I also am aunting quite a lot during next two days so most probably I'll be blogging next time on Thursday. You know, sometimes, when things do not go as planned, you just need to prioritize. So I'll leave you with these sunny and happy images. Some old, some new, all chosen to make your day brighter. And all made by me.

Happy week!



Weekend (almost) wasted

Not much to show or see around here today, I'm afraid. I've been ill whole weekend and haven't finished the things I should have *sigh* but while spending time in bed I had time to design new stuff. Well on Sunday that was, Friday and Saturday I just slept. Great. But now to the new challenges, happy and energetic as ever (well feeling much better at least)!

My weekend was as blurry as the picture but I remember laughing (and the coughing) SO LOUD to P.G.Wodehouse at some point. Great stories, really.

Better week!


Oh week where art thou?

It's Friday again - do these weeks go faster or is it just me getting older and slower? I am off to aunting soon, but after that I have some things to finish during this weekend (and no, do not worry, I am not going to work all the time).

I found some new (old) and pretty tweeds, and have already started to work with one of the browns. Others are still drying after a good wash - and hah! those "dry cleaning only" always survive my washer too. So more bags, pouches and some pretty key rings on a way and yes, con aves muy bonitas, naturalmente*

Happy weekend!

*I am sure you can tell that I have taken my Spanish lessons for six times already - fluent any day soon (and the translation would be that they'll come with most beautiful birdies)!


The real tweet

I showed a bit of this birdie-bag the other day already and here it is now! And an another bag too, in dark gray with a yellow tweet.

I haven't done that much needle felting with real animals (hello Billy-dear!) so I was again a bit worried when I started. I do not know birds either (mine are sort of fantasy-birdies) but once I got started...

...they just came together quite pretty. Or what do you think?

Tweet, tweet!

Yesterday's horrible (or wonderful, it's all up to you) pictures are now memories only, we had some rain and the snow is gone. The weather is cold and gray though, and we'll definitely getting some more soon. So it's good to have something to keep me indoors and busy. Yes, you got it right: more birdies coming up!

Happy Thursday!


Plain lovely

I usually jump into every blog on my blogroll almost daily, but last Sunday I had so many things in mind I missed my tour. So I just saw this beautiful award at Jane's Journal! She deserves it dearly - if you're not familiar with her blog yet, please jump in and visit! She not only creates the most beautiful jewelry but also shares brilliant stories and beautiful pictures. And yes, she also send me the award. Thank you, dear friend!

I am quite stunned not only because of the award but also that I just realized that I actually have made friends by blogging and having my little shop. I know the official definition for friendship might involve some face to face meetings, yes, but I think that has changed over the years.

I have changed, too. I love meeting my friends for coffee or some shopping, but I also love meeting my friends online. Reading their stories and seeing their pictures makes me happy, and that just is what I think friendship is all about. Making others happy. Sometimes it may be babysitting someones daughter or sewing new curtains or just being there when life gets rough. And sometimes it's just making someone happy by showing them little handmade stuff or a cute cat. Enough said - this award is for all of you my online friends. I love you all!

Lovely day!


Sneak peek

My weekend was good except some illness in the family. It started on Sunday and it's still on, so I'll be brief today. I have been working on something a little different during last a few days, and I'll show the finished ones later. So now just a little peek:

I wish you a happy Monday!


Friday I'm in love

There's something about Friday that make me smile. It's not quite the weekend yet, just almost. I never take that many things on my to-do-list for Friday so it's almost a day off. Well the evening is, as I spend my day with world's most wonderful 2-year-old (see the pictures: I almost was quick enough to get him into one) but after that.

Friday evening means good food, a great book or DVD. I can't wait. Now I am off to aunting and I wish you the greatest weekend and I'll see you on Monday again!



Sun and snowmen

I am still busy, but wanted to show my favorite design so far. I made a snowman bag last year and it's my own favorite. I use mine as a Christmas-time bag (well from October to January) but these can be use all year round I think, that chubby little guy makes (anyone) me smile.

I have always loved snowmen and when paired with a little birdie... Just adorable!

I might need to find the time to make myself an another one too, my bag has no birdie and I just need one! Now back to knitting, sunshine to you all!

Happy Thursday!

Needles on fire

I have many things on my to-do-list today so I'll be be brief, and almost gone already! I will be happily knitting-knitting-knitting all day (and most of the night probably), and I love it! Have a wonderful, sunny and happy Wednesday and I (if not too busy!) see you tomorrow!



Happy, warm and cozy

It's not sunny and pretty outside and still messy inside. I needed something else to think about and knew just the thing. My Christmas magazine collection!

I have quite a collection, earliest are from 1996 or so, and there are magazines in Finnish, English, Swedish, French and even two in German (and two latest I do not speak a word of but the pictures, ah the pictures). I have crafty magazines (cards mostly), home& decoration and then some Cosmopolitans. I also have saved the best (my biased opinion) of the those catalogues we receive to our post boxes before Christmas.

I would love to say that I use these magazines for inspiration, that I find something new to our Christmas from them every year, decorations, food... But no, I use them just for lifting my spirits. I know them by heart now (and just in case have also marked the best articles and the pages with most beautiful images with little wooden pegs) and I just admire the pictures. Have a cup of good coffee or tea, and browse through pages and pages of beautiful homes and creations. I do this all year round to make me happy, warm and cozy.

I know I probably should go through these, get the best pictures and images and make a book of them but I just can't. Because I know some of my favorite pages have beautiful things on both sides - how could I choose? So I keep my piles like they are and enjoy! And I think it's about the time already!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Dani started Christmas to us early too, please go and see her giveaway! It's really never too early to spread the holiday spirit!


Colors, colors everywhere

Autumn can be colorful, beautiful and sunny, but it also can be gray, gloomy and oh so not-colorful too. So what do we need?

We need pretty birdies, bright colors and little, mysterious mushrooms.

Colorful flowers (not only inside in vases) to grab when going out to brighten any outfit.

Happy and smiling bees to make us happy and smile? Definitely yes.

Colorful week!


We wish you a merry...

For this weekend I wish you...

blue skies...


happy finds, little surprises and


See you on Monday again!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...