Autumn has definitely arrived. The colors of nature have changed, and the air feels crispy and clear (when it's not raining). We've had our first frosty morning, you could tell even without going outside; the morning coffee was enjoyed with scrap-scrap-car-window-scraping sounds. Even the change can be hard at the times, I quite enjoy this. After a gray and wet summer these bright color look simply wonderful. And inspirational, too! 
There are other autumn-inspired things on my desk too half finished, but somehow there always seems to be other, more urgent things that need to be done right away. But slowly still, I am getting there, and Christmas is also in my mind more and more often. But after this summer and early autumn's rush I have decided there's no need to tire (read: kill) yourself with work, there's always a way to get everything done without all that stress and anxiety. And there isn't, there's some things too much in your agenda.

Restful weekend and happy last days of September!


P.S. The sale is still on in my shop for a little while, welcome!


Early bird

I am starting to get into a Christmas-mood already, and am planning this year´s Santa-socks and such! I know it's early, but shop-wise I think I am just in time... There's always a first! And because of this unexpected early bird catches the worm-situation, I am having a little sale in my shop for this month. Everything will be -20% with a code RAIN2012 (how convenient in these days!), excluding the shipping costs. So if you have a minute, take a look and who knows: Maybe you'll find something for Santa´s sack already?

Happy Tuesday!



Fabulous four

How you can tell that someone is really a big boy?
The Moomins leave...
...and then arrive...
 ....the angry birds.
Oh my.

Happy Sunday, everyone!




Dear, dear friends,

It's been a while (an underestimation of the year) since I last blogged, but I have to say I've spent every minute of my absence working. It's been crazy busy last two months, and as I shipped the last of the enormous order (more of that later) yesterday, I am now back to online. I want to say sorry to all of you lovely bloggers who have been writing great posts and I haven't got the time or energy to comment that much. I will be back, I promise. But back to the latest events! Some of you may remember the summer of the cats? Well this one was one big meooow, and all of it was because I got my first (there's always a first!) magazine-mention in August, and needed to be prepared.
And what a mention it was - a glossy magazine for cat fans and no less than in Japan! As a cat-lover I was really happy about it -can you spot my cat-bag there?
 Oh yes, there it is!
Some of you may already know that my bags and pouches are sold in Japan, but this made me extra proud still! My Japanese skills are not that great *ahem* but my cats and birds and other things seem to be speaking to Japanise people greatly - I will tell you more of that later.

I am now off to sort my working space (it's a MESS), and try to get my thoughts and calendar organized and updated, and will be back with more stories soon.

Happy Tuesday!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...