I think everybody knows by now that I love Christmas, and it's now surprise that I love Christmas books too. I have a few favorites I would love to share with you, and oh how I would love to hear your cherished ones too (to get some new to my collection that is!), please.

Here are two of my absolute favorites! The red covered one is by Mads Moe Christmas Time - in the city, in the mountains (mine's in Finnish) and the blue one is by Outi Loimaranta & Marjo Koivumäki Oi Ihana joulukuu. It's written in Finnish (and translated in German but not yet in English?). Outi blogs here, go and see her beautiful pictures, creations and home!

So why these two? When I buy a Christmas magazine, I usually do it because of the beautiful pictures. That's important in Christmas-books too, but I also am looking for real ideas to make and create. Both these have so many wonderful ones to try. And some I have already tried many times, like these gingerbread Christmas-trees (above) I have given to many colleagues during years and maybe there will be one to show to you this December too... This is from Mads book.

And this pretty gingerbread wreath from Outi's and Marjo's book! So simple, yet beautiful - I had one of those "why haven't I thought this before" -moments, and that tells you that you have a great Christmas book! This inspired me to make something else, which I will also to show here in December.

Yet an another wow-moment from years back. In Mad's book there are fresh flowers in many pictures, and I just loved these tulips. We used to have amaryllis's and hyacinth's and other traditional flowers but after seen this I also have had roses and of course beautiful tulips in many colors.

And yet an another beauty: little red-white mushrooms to put into your Christmas tree! Oh how I would love to know how to crochet...Maybe on this year's Christmas break? The hook and the yarns I have had ready since last year - and I am sure Outi (who's in that picture too I think?) will advise me via her blog if (read: when) I got stuck?

Happy Tuesday and please feel most welcome to come tomorrow again to see the 1st of December post! Yes, it's the time!



New-old corners

It's been long (almost) three months and a lot white paint, sweat, boxes, nails, shelves and stuff has been moved around. We re-did everything, and all the shelving and such has been handmade to fit this old (from 1940s) house and the sloping roof. I have a new working space and places for my wools and fabrics (and books!). Everything is almost finished, and I love it. There are some corners to show you above, and lot more to come when everything is on its place and the Christmas decorations are on. We'll have a grand opening on 6th of December which is our Day of Independence and a perfect time to start celebrating Christmas in full! I also have a craft to match to show to that day in our colors: white and blue. I am now back to my Christmas blog posts, it's only two more days!

Happy and crisp winter greetings from Finland (it's -23c!) - see you tomorrow again!


Out of order

It's very stormy here, and we're out of internet-connection via computers. I can use my phone (as now) but cannot load pictures ( well could but do not know how). I don't know how long this takes so I am wishing you all the happiest and hopefully storm-free weekend! I'll see you on Monday again!

Yours from the northern exposure,


More is good

When you look out of the window and those "colors" are the only ones to be seen, you definitely need something to cheer you up! Jane showed her pretty holiday-jewelry, and I needed to get mine out too. And like her I also think that there can't be too much of a good thing. In one piece even I'd say.

Yup, that is my holiday bracelet. When I purchased it from etsy last year, it was described as extra chunky. I wonder why...

I also have an another, a little more subtle favorite, which I actually have put together myself. Yes, with no experience of jewelry-making I just purchased the cute (snowmen, gingerbread men and Christmas trees) figures and attached them with little hooks to a thrifted chain. I think some real jewelry-makers might get a slight palpitation out of this, but I like it. My sis likes hers too, naturally she has similar one (and the chunky too).

I am happily wearing both already (not the same time however) and will do so until the New Year... At least!

Happy Wednesday!


Pretty perfect

Even I love Christmas, and I have talked about it a lot here in my blog too, I actually have done quite many other things too. Like birds.

And more birds...

And yet some...

But what can I do? I remember that someone once said that you need to do what you love and love what you do - and that will be my motto for this week. Christmas and birds and maybe an odd Moomin? Sounds like a perfect week. What would be perfect for you?

Happiest Tuesday!


Only a week to go!

Yes, December will start next week! I am amazed how quickly this autumn has gone. It's been busy, creative and craft-full. I also have met many great persons via this blog, and now it's my turn to give something back to you, who have made my day with your comments. So next Wednesday, 1st of December I will start my Christmas calendar here!

I have received many great ideas from you, dear readers, and I also have created bunch of my own so it's almost done! But if you still have a project or anything Christmassy you would love to share, please let me know during this week. I have gathered many funny and pretty things to show already, but I would be more than happy to take yours on board too. Talk to you soon!

Happy week!



... gone aunting!

Happy weekend to you all - stay warm! See you on Monday again!



From the magpie's nest

I cannot make jewelry (like talented Jane) but I love everything sparkly, colorful and pretty. So I keep buying cheap beads and even bracelets, necklaces and other pieces from thriftstores because the beads are so pretty. I am a true magpie.

I have been storing these plastic and glass beads for quite some time and just had an idea how to use them with birds! But of course. I made little tweets from tweed, needle felted eyes and wings plus added the matching beaks. Then I had the greatest time choosing the beads to go with birdie - and these ones were born!

And I just found the way to use them immediately, too:

Happy Thursday!


A star is born

My new light. Makes the whole room feel so cozy, and hides the uninstalled window handles and boxes in the corners. Brings holiday spirit to whole house. Lovely.

Bright Wednesday!

P.S. My star came from here, and it was so cheap and has brought so much joy already, that after my visit to dentist's (huh) today I'm going to get an another. There just can't be too many stars around the house, right?


Coasters one more time

It seems that when I design a new thing (craft-wise) I just cannot make one. It also seems that I cannot make two or three, there just must be many.

I have a thing for snowmen. They are my favorite holiday figures (followed closely by gingerbread men). I am not that huge fan of Santa or his little helpers but everything with snowmen I love.

And snowman with birds? Even better! These little sets were made of reused tweed, and guys were needle felted on top. Backs are reused cottons, some in Christmassy colors and some just pretty otherwise.

Taking a nap or the most shyest guy in the world?

Happy Tuesday!


Almost coundowning already

Only 40days until Christmas! It's such a short time but I still am not in panic, I definitely am going to enjoy this all the way! I went through my Christmas-magazines and books this weekend as I was finding them new places in upstairs (we have new book shelves too!). I have a few favorites I would love to share to you, and I am going to do that this week when I've located all my books - boxes, boxes...

I have finished many, many new items lately but haven't had the time to show them - and my to-do-list for this week is long also. Don't take me wrong, I love it, and I know December will we slower, it always is. And it should also be, as from here, Finland, the last packages should be sent around 15.12. the very latest in order to get them to their destination for Christmas. After that I'll take it slow and enjoy myself with my family and friends. But before that: I must run!

Happy (and crafty to you who love doing that) week!


Smile on your face

I am feeling much more cheerful today (did some therapeutic shopping yesterday, Beth's can be recommended HIGHLY) and I also created some holiday-items for my shop after all. And found the way to combine tweed and needle felting again, and I love how these little coasters turned out! I can definitely feel more of these coming...

...there actually already is a snowmen-set, but I'll show that to you later.
Now I am off to aunting, and wish you the greatest weekend!

See you next week!


Do you see the light?

I am feeling a little down after a great start I got for November. The weather is not great, the roads are very slippery, the house needs cleaning, I feel tired - great. It's just this darkness I suppose, it takes time to adjust myself to this and especially after a wonderful, sunny and hot summer we had. I am still using the color-therapy strongly, and took the other strong medication in use today: the first Christmas light went up!

This afternoon we'll have a first Christmas-meeting (me, my sis and our mom) and it should help this November-blaah. We'll make gifts-lists: who-what-whom? and food-lists: whomakes-what-when? and there will also be lists for other essential preparations like: pickuptheroast-what-day-who? My little nephew will there too, and he actually is not that tiny any longer and he awaits Christmas already. We will definitely have some mullet wine (without the vine), too.

I'm feeling better already - light to your day, too!


Colors but nothing else

It's cold and snowy. And so gray too. I need some color-therapy right now! What would be better than play with my beautiful wools? That's right - I'll see you tomorrow.



Winter is not for everyone

The winter is almost here and oh, so are the most exotic Finnish winter-birdies! Let's take a closer look, shall we?

But they do not seem too happy! What's wrong? After a little hesitation they whispered, that they're not too fond of snow or frost! We had a long chat, and on the end they agreed to be up to an adoption! They also wanted to say, that they'll be most cheerful little tweets as long as they can stay indoors. They love handbags and jacket pockets and wish to move in with someone, who is not too keen to forget them outside in rain or snow. Otherwise they have no demands what so ever. Their adoption-form can be filled in my shop here.

Happy Tuesday!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...