Moss stitch +felting+ flower =

More to come...brooches...bags...pouches...


And the 400th-thing? Still thinking, but something is definitely coming up.

Talk to you soon!



Two posts at the same day, so not me - but this is quite important! I have almost reached 400 sales at my etsy shop (399 as we speak - amazing!) and when the big number hits, I really would love to celebrate it somehow with all of you, and at the same time thank you all who have visited my shop. When I passed 300, I had a little giveaway - maybe that again?

Any ideas? Wishes? I would love to hear from you!


**Edit. It just happened - 400 sales!!! Thank you, thank you!! And now the ideas, please!**


The fabrics I use for my bags and pouches are mostly reused, old curtains, tablecloths and such. When I knit&felt my bags, I use those for lining. Every now and the (too rarely, actually) I sew bags from the scratch. But today I did and I like it a lot:

Everything else but the needle felted birdies wool and the sewing thread were reused (oh and the button was new and I covered it with bags fabric).

The plaid fabric is wool-polyester blend (pair of trousers I bought from local fleamarket even they were about three sizes too small, I saw them as a bag. I have them in pink too, just wait and see!) and the lining is a reused cotton pillowcase. There´s a sturdy polyester layer between the top and lining too; it came from reused baby blanket.

With these materials the bag turned out not only cute but absolutely unique. And even I am not the eco-friendliest person in whole world (there´s so much more I could do) I am quite proud of myself too.

This felt so good I need to make an another (in pink perhaps?) soon.

Have a green Sunday!


Just rambling

This after-Easter week felt longer and harder than an usual working week even though it only was four days. Somehow everyone was still on holiday mood and it stayed with us whole week. It is a wonderful feeling but when you need to be effective, quick, accurate and educational 8hours it just does not... Well make it any easier should I say?

Weatherwise (is that a word?) the week has been great. Loads of sunshine paired with an occasional rain to melt snow away - I like that. We had a day with some minus degrees still but hey, cannot complain as our BBQ spot shows already. Who cares about meter of snow around it? The spot is there.

I have been feeling sort of slow with my crafts this week too, just finishing what I did knit on Easter break. I also have love-hate relationship with my new camera, and I definitely cannot use it yet. Some of the pictures are great and other pure... art? Let´s call it that.

Besides feeling slow I am feeling almost summer-ish with all these bees and now butterflies and yes, sun shines outside again. I should actually take my camera outside for a small photo shoot - I´ll share the results later.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Back to the business

The holidays are over for now, and it was wonderful. Easter was relaxing, joyful and chocolate-filled. I enjoyed long mornings with coffee, quiet days with coffee and peaceful evenings with tea. No wonder I knitted and felted some coasters; we definitely need them at home too.

Tomorrow I am back to work early as... well too early and hopefully these little guys will cheer my morning coffee. Well not these exact guys, their cousins, as these two flew to the shop already to cheer your day.

Happy week!


Happy Easter vol.2

With all these pretty things I wish you all the brightest, sunniest, warmest and most chocolate-filled Easter ever! I am now off to sofa for (four days) the evening, maybe to watch some of him again...

...and yes, my second batch of Beth´s pretties came from the Linen Cat - and they´re adorable. The birds are from there too and the Nightwish inspired black&purple feathers were picked by my lovely nephew and his dad. They actually go perfectly with the birdies so thank you, guys!

Happy Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...