Hello friends!

Sunny greetings from cold Finland, and with a little imagination you could say we have blue skies here today too!

Today I feel sort of in-between, you know how it is sometimes in these days between Christmas and New Year? Home is all beautifully decorated, and you could just relax and stay in bed late, wander in your new pj's all day within arm length of chocolate box, but... For me these days quite often bring a little blues - old year almost gone, and uncertain feelings for the new. It eases after New Year, when I start making plans for the new year to come, turn a new, fresh page on my wall calendar and start waiting spring. I think the best thing to do for today is to share a few pictures of those wonderful Holidays we just had, and then take a little knitting under a warm duvet and just... mellow if that can be used as verb.


Lovely last days of 2015 to you all, see you soon again!


* I knit the little red cardigan from the pattern "Baby's Lace Cardigan" by Stefanie Japel from the book "Mom&Me Knits", got the book, love it!


December 25th

Someone just told 
under all green and gold
looking close you'll see
sitting inside the tree
someone you know
wearing a festive bow

so please look really close
do you recognize those
happy gray auntie-mouse
and someone new in the house
now I think you can see
Anna and baby-mouse Bree

we've loved meeting you here
friends from further and near
reading stories telling a tale
written in little mouse scale
Riverland we call the place
bringing smile on your face

now I think it's the time
to end this little rhyme
of a happy gray auntie-mouse
and someone new in the house
who else could they be
but Anna and baby-mouse Bree
both now happily waving you 
goodbye but see you soon too! 



December 24th

Merry Christmas, everyone! I can't believe it is the 24th already, the day all the people in Finland and all happy critters in Riverland start celebrating! And that is what we are going to do too, and just take a look at our party-room!

We are all here! And just look what Mia got us for Christmas...

... We got Moomin-mugs!

And Adele opened mail that came all the way from USA too, her and Anabel's sister Alma lives there, and I know she would have wanted to participate, but she has her own big Party to host at Robin's too

She sent some beautiful stitch markers for knitting, we will love to use those, and always think of you when we see them!

And everyone got my Christmas-card too!

Remember the pictures we took? This is what we went for:

I think it's pretty, and everyone loved it too! Oh, now Adele is taking out some presents...

...aren't they just packed like her - did you notice her new diamond-belt&bracelets? And oh my, some more presents are miraculously appearing here and there!

I think it is time us to continue our celebrating, and with you all a

Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And we would love to thank you all reading&commenting, it has been such a wonderful month! And Mia and I also decided, that as there are quite a few of you who still have one window to open in your calendars, we will be back tomorrow again! See you then!



December 23rd

Huh, what a busy day I have had! That is why I am telling you about it this late. It all started early this morning when my doorbell rang. It was Anabel, we had agreed to meet at my house.

- Lovely to see you, Anabel! It is great that there are two of us, I have quite a lot of stuff, these himmelis are pretty tricky to carry, and then all my presents...

- I took all my things to the festivity-house already, just before I came here, so I have two empty paws!
- That was so clever! Let's see, how do we get everything...
- I took a sledge too, so we should be fine!
- Fantastic! And luckily I only got two himmelis left, Adele took one to the Meadow-upon-river Mill and Bernard wanted one for the new Post Office. I think I will leave my basket home and load it all here...

- Oh my, looks a bit... wobbly! But here we go...
- Let me help you too, Anna, and huh, luckily we are quite close already!

We finally got to the Riverland Festivity-house, and it looked great! Bernard and Barney had done great job with the spruce twigs!

We had decided not to have a tree but lot's of twigs, and everyone can hang up their own decorations, stockings and even presents there. I wanted to be the first to go and hung up...

...the stocking I made for my baby niece! We do not know her name yet, but as the tradition in our family goes, Bibi's and Bart's sister will have a name with B!

- That is the sweetest stocking, Anna!
- Thank you so much Anabel, and now let's get busy so we will have everything ready by this afternoon!
- Alright, let's start with this big table...

... and then these chairs!

And from here I think I  will reach the ceiling too to hang my himmelis!

And we worked and worked and had Brita, Adele and the boys helping us too, and by the end of the day we got our Christmas Dinner-room all ready! We will all get together there tomorrow, 24th, and I wish to see you there too!



December 22nd

Hello again! I showed you Barney's tree yesterday, today it is time to see mine. I used some of my old decorations, and also added some new ones, like those hearts I made in Anabel's class last weekend.

Earlier today, when I was starting the decorating, Bernard visited me. He delivered some pretty Christmas cards, and also a Christmas present he had made himself! He said he usually would have given his gift on 24th, but he knew I was decorating the tree today... He is the sweetest pig!

He had painted me some lovely baubles, and up to my tree they went!

I think my tree is so very beautiful!

And as I live in Rosy Cottage, there is a rose on top of my tree instead of star!

I am going to do some last minute crafting today too, and... oh, what did you say? You noticed my new, beautiful necklace? It came from my old friend Peggy the Pig, remember the quilt I showed you the other day? When we opened that parcel, I took the necklace, and put it in my pocket, as I wanted to study it on my own later, when all my friends had gone to their homes. It is just similar flower of friendship we used to have as child, me and Peggy, I love it so! Thank you, dear friend!

And that crafting? My dear sister Amelie got a baby girl two days ago, oh yes, Bibi got a baby sister! They are coming here for Christmas, and what does a precious little baby girl need? A tiny stocking, of course! So I am off to do some sewing now, I got my pink beads and all ready!

See you soon again!



December 21st

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to visit Barney, I know he's been really busy lately. Everyone is ordering their Holiday treats from him, and also his right paw, Bibi, went to visit her family, she had a baby sister yesterday! She should be back soon, but I am sure Barney could still use some help!

- Hello Barney, how are you? Really busy?

- Hello Anna dear! Oh yes, I am just putting up this Holiday-string, and then I should be baking dozens of...
- Let me help you with that!
- Thanks, let's try to get ut up there...
- Looks great, love the new sign!

 - Thank you! But how could I help you?
- Oh no, it's me who is going to do all the helping today! I brought you this poinsettia, and came to ask if there were anything I could do, I know Bibi is still away and...
- Thank you, Anna, so sweet of you! Actually... I just got my store's tree delivered, and it should be decorated. I have about hundred gingerbread-orders on my desk, so...

- Say no more, Barney, just show me the decorations, please, I would love to decorate your tree! You go continue your baking, I will take care of this!
- Lovely, I have quite a few decoration ready, some red ribbon, some stars, candy canes, and those pretty little red-white-ones are from Bernard, he delivered them this morning! He made similar sets for me and Bibi, I think those will look great!

- Thanks, Barney, I will make your tree pretty!

Alright, hmm... those and this... looking good... Some more stars...

How about these gingerbread hearts and stars? I think they might be too much... Let's see... maybe just two or so... I think this is it!

- Barney, come and see the tree!

- Oh my, it is so beautiful! Let's just add the lights and...

- I take my hat off to you: you did a perfect job, Anna, I love it!
- Thanks, Barney! Happy to help! Anything else I could do?
- Well... I know how great you are with gingerbread and icing... Would you like to help?
- Sure! Let's go... On one condition: can I taste some?
- It's a deal!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...