Little bugs and more...

I keep going with the scrap theme. This time I paired them with some sturdy linen and made cute little cozies. These could be for cellphones, digital cameras... I lined them with reused cottons too and they close with old, reused buttons.

It would be hard to decide my favorite, maybe little owls, or maybe the ladybug? But the elephants (adorable also) have left the building already, hopefully to make someone smile. Have a happy journey, little elephants!

And the fabrics I got yesterday? I´ll post them a bit later, but yes, they´re worth waiting for!


The shoemakers children have no shoes

I have sewn if not hundreds at least quite a few bags and pouches during last two years (it was little over two years ago when I started to sew after fifteen years or so without touching a sewing machine) but my camera still waits its pouch. Or waited until today. I made a padded fabric scrap "Birdy says HI!" pouch and now my camera has a new, pretty home. I am so happy!

I also thrifted some pretty fabrics today (oops, I was not supposed to... well they were too adorable to be left behind) and show you the pictures tomorrow. I´ll give my camera rest in its new home and the fabrics hang outside on my washing line. In meanwhile I´ll go and sew a pouch or two - to make some room for my new beauties.

Have a wonderful week!



I have thing for glass jars. I use them to store absolutely everything. They are perfect for my buttons (which I have quite a few), and my favorite hobby is to organize them in colors (buttons, not jars). It´s most relaxing and of course it makes crafting way more easy, I´ll find right buttons quick. The jars also make my crafting space look like a battle field, colorful yes but messy too.

I also have a thing for clean, white, uncluttered crafting spaces and that does not go well with my jar&button addiction. I am always dreaming of a work space which has everything hidden, maybe with little handmade tags to tell where to find ribbons and lace.

But if I had everything nicely covered, would it be impossible me to create as I do not see all the wonderful things I have? Maybe I still keep dreaming of a perfect craft room and continue creating my colorful, whimsical little things on my overflowing table. That actually makes perfect sense, and I am quite happy. I´ll toast for that, with a pickle jar, naturally.

Happy Sunday!


My bags - at home and abroad

This is the current wall of fame of the scrap bags, which shows that I have not only been busy but also managed to get some of my scrap piles smaller. Hip-hooray!

I received a mail this morning from a happy customer. I made her a Moomins bag earlier this month and here it is now, wow! Please go and check her beautiful blog with some wonderful things and stories, and pictures of her&her friend´s fantastic shop. How I wish I could visit you there, Mieke!

Summer is finally here, as I mentioned earlier, and roses at my yard are opening. They smell wonderful so I leave you with that tonight...


And they keep coming...

...and some more tomorrow. This pretty duo jumped into my shop already.

Summer greetings (finally!)!


From a scrap to a bag

I have done some serious cleaning and sorting on my fabric stash. It (the stash and whole process, actually) was bigger than I have wanted to admit, and I realized that I need to get rid of some.

I thought it would be easier to start the binning with the smallest scraps but heavens! how difficult it was. I just kept making nice piles with reds, blues, whites when it hit me: A scrap bag! I´ll use all (read: some) of these to make bags! Alone they´re too little but together... Just perfect.

Now I have piles of whites & blues, yellows & oranges, browns & whites waiting to be sewn. Sigh. How did I fool myself this bad again?

Happy Sunday!


Stamp, stamp, stamp away...

The cutest little stamps came from here.
Delivery was the fastest, too. Please go and check.


A bag begins

I took some photos from the beginning of the idea for a bag all the way to through the process. I chose moss green wool this time and decorated it with beautiful flowers.

I get my inspiration from the books, nature, magazines - and the finished product sometimes resembles the ideas, most of the time not. Somehow it seems that the flowers are taking over the little bees and birdies but we´ll see.

Soon I am off to funfair with my fantastic goddaughters and that should be not only great fun but also give me some inspiration too. I cannot (will not, don´t want to) take any rides at the gadgets but I´ll be enjoying the happy faces. And some sun, finally!

Enjoy your week!


Rainy days vol.2

It´s still miserable here but rain is good for the nature - so I have been told. It actually works, everything looks more fresh and green.

The rain brings out the little bugs too and they´re quite adorable sometimes. Or what do you think this red lady who just flew into the shop?

Happy Saturday!


Rainy days

The Finnish summer gives its best: rain, cold, stormy weather with yet some more rain. Did I mention rain? I was planning to sew sky blue summery bags and pouches this week and line them with flowers and sunny yellow cottons. Yeah right. I have been sewing some watery blue bags instead. They´re pretty cute too, don´t you think?

Now I am off to chase all the garden furniture gone with the wind around our back yard (again) and shop some BBQ delicacies. To cook indoors, naturally.

Have a great weekend!


Summer brings the birdies too

It´s the first day of my holidays and it´s been wonderful so far. I spent the morning (and most of the day, too) with my wonderful sister and the world´s most adorable nephew. Sun shined and birds were singing. Absolute bliss.

The birds inspired me to decorate a cute felted bag I knitted last weekend. The bag is adorable (even if I say so myself) and went to the shop. I assume there are more birdies awaiting - could someone knit me more bags, please?

Friday was an emotional day: I received flowers, handmade cards and wonderful gifts chosen by little hands. Many hugs and some tears were shared. Thank you!

Now it´s officially summer and holidays. Great week, everyone!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...