My summer holidays are just around the corner, two days still. I hope I´ll have more time and energy to blog, knit, felt and sew then (of course I will, I won´t be enjoying the sun and reading all the great books that have piled during winter and...) and hopefully I´ll have the patience to practice my photo-taking. I have, many many (and add many) years back, taken lessons with a professional teacher (two actually which you could not tell today really) and I was quite handy with my "real camera" and black&white prints. Somehow I never got round to read my digital-ones manual. I will definitely do that during next weeks.

And yippee, one of my bags got mentioned here! It´s a lovely blog, please take look with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy all the moomin-prettiness! Thank you Maria!

Have a wonderful day!


M-things made me happy today

An another great day. Started with Miss Marple and a huge cup of coffee. A day off - no work, just things I wanted to do.

I got some important sewing done: two pretty pillowcases with Moomins for a little guy, who´s about to get his first room soon. There was enough fabric to make a little piece of Moomin-art too. And just a bit for a zippered pouch which goes to shop. Lovely.

Now I am off to St. Mary Mead again to have some tea with Miss M. I wish you a lovely evening too!


Five little ducks went out one day over the hill and far away...

I am seriously (three done, thirteen to go) sewing bags.
Special little bags for special little persons.
The bags to be filled with educational, traditional
and plain funny rhymes, songs and plays.
Memories for little persons to carry around while
they grow each day.

One of my loveliest sewing projects ever.



Good morning!

I just opened my PC and checked my mails and yippee, one of my handmades has been featured with some amazingly pretty etsy felts here ! Thank you Melissa!

It made me smile, and my smile just widened when I saw that it was my red felted birdie cozy, and the picture there looked great. And it was me who complained about it just a few days back.

It´s quite early morning still, and I am having my coffee just next to big window. Land is getting greener, birds are singing and it´s Friday. Life is good.

Have a great weekend!


Birdie in red

Just how difficult is it to take a decent picture of
a red felted cozy with a green birdie?

Very* indeed.

*these six here are "the best" of the bad 45. Lucky me


Wonderful weekend

It´s been wonderful weekend.

The weather has been sunny, hot almost, summer-like really.
We got the yard cleaned (leaves somehow were there again when snow left, how come that happens every year?), had a great mother/granny´s day, and I got some more birdies done.

The great weather got me out with my camera also. The pictures were crappy but it was wonderful to realize, that there will be light for my projects in the evenings too. And the pictures will get better eventually.

All in all just plain fabulous weekend. Hope yours was good too!


Buy handmade!

The prettiest peg bag was found at Raspberryfairy´s
wonderful shop. You´ll find her here.

Do you sew, knit or crochet? Do you still buy handmade goods sewn, knitted or crocheted? I do - and even I cannot crochet I buy adorable patterns (to-make-when-retired).

Sometimes it amazes me when people ask why I buy when I could (try) make this and that myself. Of course I could, but sometimes I just do not want to. If I see something I love, making it just "because I can" would be copying someone´s great idea, and it just is not my cup of tea. And buying pretty and clever things someone else created makes me feel good and yes, then I can expect someone else to buy mine too.

Happy shopping!


Spring colors

Spring has officially arrived with the birds and
the bees, and all the pretty colors.

I really love it.

Welcome to my blog!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...