It´s only a month away...

...Christmas that is! It makes me so happy - just to think about it. I love everything in Christmas, but the most wonderful thing is that we´ll have some free time as a family. Everyone has been so deathly busy, we really need some time together (and off work). I am dreaming of three weeks break but my boss has not confirmed yet. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I made a felt holiday-bag, as you can see! It it not the most traditional snowman bag - there is a happy little guy holding his colorful (button)balloons. At least the lining is somewhat christmassy.

We (me and my sis) managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done on last Saturday - so now it is just a four weeks of waiting - and hopefully little by little slowing things down. If only I could leave those wools alone!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


I love birdies

I really do love birds. I use them at my own work (a lot!) but I also like them at my own home - and somehow it seems that my latest handmade buys are birds too! I am going to decorate our house for holiday spirits next weekend. Not the tree quite yet but lights , more candles, and some other beauties... Like these:

I found them via etsy (we could actually say that we found each other there!), and they´re made by the nicest and the most talented Rachael, please take a look at her shop here and blog here - they´re full of knitted beauty! I actually have visited her again for some more...

And when those red beauties go up, it´s time to say good-bye for these two guys for a while:

See you again after Christmas!

I found those two little sweethearts via dawanda, they´re done by talented Helga - please take a look at her shop here!

Now I am off to work - have a wonderful week beginning!


It´s the time...

...to have the prettiest holiday season shopping bags in use! Here they are:

There are actually four of them and you´ll find them in the shop.

Happy Sunday!


Packages are on their way...

... to the winners! I hope they´ll arrive safe and sound.

Now it´s time for some Holiday crafting (or at least pretty things for Holidays)
and I think mine will look like this:

Some already at my shop, others still waiting patiently for their journey.

Happy and happily busy Monday!


If you're happy, clap your hands

...Oops, my knitting is totally getting out of hand(s)...


Thumbs up the washing machine helps, and turns these beasts into felt beauties in no time.
If not, at least I have a new pretty coffee mug I love. Happiness.

Happy Saturday!

And the give away winners are...

... comments number 7 and 9!


" Congratulations Mia for 300 sales.I like both, but I have never had any Moomin bag from your shop. If I am a lucky winner, I would like the Moomin pouch. Happy November and best of luck for your shop."


"Hi Mia!! Congrats on your 300 sales-you'll have a handmade life soon I'm sure! :) I bought the Moomin camping bag (DaphneL)from you a few months ago and I've had many compliments :P I like the cellphone cozy :) "

So Anne will receive a Moomin pouch and Daphne gets the cozy! I´ll post them on Monday 9/11/2009.

Thank you all so much for your nice comments! I like my crafts but it just makes my day to hear how you´ve enjoyed them too. I am sending big hugs to all of you! I hope you´ll visit me here later again!

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. For choosing the numbers I used http://www.random.org/

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...