Month of the Lily

Many of you may have something else on your calendars for June, but for me it's month of the Lily. At the very back of our yard there is a little spot where Lilies of the Valley grow. Every winter I keep worrying for them surviving under the masses of snow, but the miracle happens every spring; all of the sudden they are there.

Lily of the Valley (Kielo, as we call it here) is my absolute favorite flower. The smell is divine, and it takes me right back to my childhood. It was my first perfume, and even I was five or so, I can still remember the bottle and the scent.

The scent is quite not here yet, but it's still May, so there's plenty of time. And if you just cannot wait...

...I have made some pretty Lilies too!

And if you have time, please take a look all the beautiful Lilies I did find Etsy. I want them all. All.

Wonderful last days of May!



Time after time

It's almost Friday again - and I have no idea where this week has disappeared! I was supposed to blog about my new decoration-book and show you some new ideas I have used in my working space but that needs to wait a bit still. I haven't taken the pictures and the space is...Well let's just say it's not a countryhomes&interiors-material as we speak. Ahem, instead I think I'll show the birdies I have found around here this week...

Pretty gray you say, not that springly at all? Well how about these then:

Or blue as a sky and birdies... Can there really be too many?

Better? And there would be yet many more to show, and by looking at these I am starting to guess where the time has gone this week. Again.

Happy, sunny and wonderful weekend soon, all!



Blue, blue sky

The last days have been wonderful. We had a little road-trip (my b-day present in action at last). We stayed in a nice hotel, ate a lot of ice-cream and just enjoyed it all. No work, no rush, no worries. The weather was gorgeous, too, and I spent a lot of time admiring...

...blue skies. And oh yes, it's just the right way, it was me who was laying down... And feeling the summer (almost)...

...And designing new summer accessories...

Bangles are supposed to be big this summer?

And I came home with some souvenirs... This seems to be a tradition already, or what do you think? The previous catches here ,here and here.

I am wishing you all the happiest new week, and I am off to do some re-arranging and little bit of interior-designing too (inspired by a new book which I'll show you later this week) in my working space, the new woolen beauties need some room. See you soon again!



Happy days

Last weekend was a great one. We didn't win the Eurovisions, but we did indeed win the Ice-hockey championships - our last victory was 16 years ago so it was just about the time. And I have many other fellow hockey-fans to agree, that this was just the best. B-E-S-T.

The weekend was great craft-wise too, I made many (many-many-many) little brooches, here they are, and bigger pictures can be seen here. I have still many ideas for yet more pins, I'm just about hooked on making these... Which one is your favorite?

Have a wonderful, sunny and happy week!



Super weekend

Blogger has been acting strangely lately, and my latest post was missing whole day yesterday, and I couldn't sign into my account either. And even the post is now re-published (by blogger), all the wonderful comments are still missing - thank you so much for the stripey-love. Blogger announced the comments should re-appear later, fingers crossed. I wouldn't mind that much normally, but I had a new post in mind for yesterday already, and when I couldn't publish it... Annoyed is a quite lame expression.

This weekend is a real super weekend for us Finns. We made it into Eurovision Song Contest Finals, and the big event is today! If you are interested (and this is a night for pure fun, nothing is too serious here), take a look at our Paradise Oskar, he'll sing bravely as the very first contestant! Da da dam!

But the wonderfulness doesn't stop there! We, meaning our team, made it into Ice-hockey World Championship finals! I can't believe it! And we'll be playing against our beloved enemy Sweden. The game is on Sunday, and my hands are sweating already. If we do take the gold, I mean WHEN we win, this country will go crazy. Like it did 1995 when we last won. Take a look, please.

This is something else, really, and I apologize dearly being super-lame and wish you FINNtastic weekend!



Colors of spring

In the blogs I read regularly I have seen one beautiful garden after an another. There are many colorful flowers blooming everywhere, some so vivid you can almost smell them through the screen. In here the situation is definitely not hopeless but the smell of the roses is not in the air yet. That said there are still things growing in my garden too.

Oh, the colors - shall we pick them up? Sure, I am certain there will be more appearing later...

Hello little birdies! And bugs - coming in very springly colors this time I see?

And hey - what is that? Something new in this garden, let's take a closer look...

Brooches! Matching (naturally) brooches!

Oh my, oh my.


I have been knitting in my garden and there have been some springly-color-picking, as those little pouches and the matching pins show. Not all the pouches have the pin to match (oho!) in here yet but I am working on it, friends. Sun shines and birdies sing, I am in love with spring!

Wishing you all the wonderful things in life!



There's always a first

First big bud (and definitely green already!)...

First outside knitting session, stripes (the all time favorites)...

First laundry line dry for...I would say in seven months? Can you feel my happiness?

First flower...

And first garden-work in completely snow-free yard. Pure bliss (and some blisters). Can you pick my rake btw?

These are wonderful days, my friends! We have had sunshine, plus 20-something degrees during the days and everyone is just getting summer-vibes. There should be a few beautiful days still but on Thursday there might be rain already *sigh*. But until then, I am enjoying this so. Wishing you the greatest week too!



Homemade sun

It's May! Finally! Yippee! And it snows! All day!
I need color! Bright colors! Yellow! Now!


Feeling better already! Happy first week of May come rain or shine!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...