The best things in life are free

Midsummer is just around the corner, and June is turning into its last week soon, amazing! The great weather we had in May and beginning of June has disappeared, and rain has been if not constant, a regular visitor at least, but now it is promised just might be getting better. Tomorrow and Saturday are full of the traditional Midsummer celebrations here, and I wish some sunshine for those days as most of the activities are planned to happen outdoors. And just in case sun will not shine, I have stacked some new yarn (in sale, yippee) and great magazines.

Business-wise last weeks have been pretty slow, and Finnish Post is trying to make it even more slower by increasing the shipping fees (which are pretty high already). They actually applied the new rates in beginning of June already, and justified the increase by saying that "everything is more expensive these days" and also "people keep sending less and less mail" - blimey! Do they really think adding the cost of sending increases the volume? I would be stunned (and annoyed, really) by their logic if this wasn't the way everything is reasoned around here these days, and I just can't be bothered anymore. All this said I must say that Finnish Post makes the most wonderful stamps each year, and those Moomins are just too cute. 

Two last pictures: verkkokauppa.posti.fi

And also as I think whining is never not a great option, I am offering the FREE SHIPPING on my etsy shop for ALL ITEMS ANYWHERE 20.6. - 24.6.2013 not only to get my hands on those cute Moomin-stamps but also to create that mail the Finnish Post is so desperately asking us Finns to send! So if there's something you've been eyeing in my shop, now it's time to have it completely shipping-free! Happy browsing!

Lovely Midsummer Eve's Eve!



Flowers are food for the soul

We have the most wonderful summer here still, and some flowers, like the white midsummer-roses, are already blooming. But oh, I'm not complaining, the scent from roses and lilacs is divine. I really think flowers are food for the soul, and have used my days creating some too...
Here are my latest flora-bags, there is a blue...

...one I could call ochre...

...and one pretty green:

All the pretty flowers above can be found in my shop. I wish your days have been as flower-filled and sunny as mine, and your June has started beautifully. We had a first good summer-storm last night, and after it I saw this rare yet amazing double rainbow, and with it I wish you...

... a lovely new week!



Strongly summery

Oh my, oh my, oh my - it's June already, and so so so so wonderful weather! It was almost seven o'clock in the evening when I took this picture, and just take a look at the thermometer:

And just in case you can't see it clearly because of all that dust *ahem* it says inside +26,7C and outside +26,8C! For you, my dear friends, who use the Fahrenheit's this is really, really, really warm. Really. And what have I done to celebrate this wonderfulness? I have parked quite permanently outside, I have my studio in the garden, and under a new, big umbrella it's just a bliss. Nature around me is beautiful and green, and I have had some cute visitors too...

...just take a look at that rabbit (I think it is an European hare, actually), it was clearly too hot for him (he looks like a guy to me), and he rested quite a while almost next to me, and didn't care me poking the wool while he napped. And just what have I been poking?

Pillowcases! Cushion covers! With flowers and strawberries - just perfect for the season, I think.

I found that beautiful blue flowered fabric while thrifting some weeks ago, and it took some courage to cut it as I think it is one of my favorite finds for a long, long time. But now I'm happy I did it, the fabric turned into a a pretty pillow case with some blue needle felted flowers. And soon they were followed by more flowers...

...and a summer wouldn't be summer without strawberries, right?

Happy, happy happy I am, and off to make some more. I wish you all the loveliest first week of June!


P.S. The pillowcases can be seen more closely here.

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...