I think I have talked about my inspiration sources earlier already, and about my love for old and reused fabrics too. These two often go together: I might have a piece of fabric which colors or patterns give me an idea for a bag or pouch, and in many cases I end up using the fabric as a part of my creation too.

I found this pretty flowered fabric last week in a local thrift shop and fell in love immediately. It has sort of 90s feel to it even the flowers are timeless; maybe it's the blue background. Nevertheless I love it.

And as soon as I spotted the fabric I saw the bag I wanted to make. It's happened before too, and it just thrills me every time. This bag is colorfully flowered and as said, the lining is that inspirational flora. I also found an vintage button for closing and oh, biased or otherwise: I love it.

Happy new week!



Same old

Was it just last week when I said that it seems I'm getting back on a blocking-track? And then a week and not a single post. I apologize, but somehow these summer-weeks seem to be much shorter than the winter ones. But so much better in many ways, no complains here. Although it's been raining for past five days it's still so fantastic to have all the light. And all that green.

It's almost Midsummer already, I cannot believe it. Our roses are opening, and the scent is just divine. The rose is in bloom just a very short time around Midsummer, and makes our wining and dining outside extra special as it grows just next to our tables and chairs. I wish you could visit me here!

And I haven't been holidaying here, oh no, I have been a busy bee! This little business of mine grows slowly but surely, and I have yet an another new pretty spot where my things can be found (and purchased). My first big package was shipped yesterday, and when all is set, I'll show you more of it. But in the meanwhile I am just very happy for this.

I am wishing you happy and sunny Midsummer-week! See you soon again!



Out of stock

Not anymore!



and birdies!

All fresh and handmade straight from my garden.

Happy and sunny week everyone!




Sorry about the title, dear friends! But you know me, gardening has a different meaning to me than to most of you, it doesn't include that much of actual work with the green-stuff, just some to watching and enjoying. And oh, how green everything is, sun shines and it's been +20c or so for the last days. It's early still, I know, but as it might change so soon, I am enjoying this while it lasts.

There's nothing better than having a good, sunny spot in the garden, some suncream on your nose and pretty wools in a big, plastic bowl next to you (otherwise these woolens would have even more natural fibers included). My neighbors are making renovations to their house, and there's work going on constantly all day. I think I should feel ashamed sitting in the sun and knitting but... I just can't help loving it.

The designs are not that new, as my poor brain cannot take it now, but some new variations. Colors seem to get both brighter and lighter...Summer!

I also seem to blogging more regularly (this may not last but let's enjoy it now!) and somehow it seems there just are more and more things to photograph and write about. Summer becomes me (and this whole country, actually!) and I think we deserve some more sunny days. A few months would be great, thank you very much.

I am soon off to enjoy the sun with my Sis, we'll do a little shopping (before it gets too hot and crowded) and then we'll burn our noses in a cafe the rest of the day. Sounds wonderful, and I am wishing you the most wonderful, sunny and relaxing weekend! See you soon again!



Born this way

The other day I met a superhero. I haven't met one before, so I was actually little hesitant at first because... How you really know someone actually is a superhero? My check-list:

Superheroes wear masks. check

Superheroes get into high places just like that. check

Superheroes smell the danger and know where the bad guys might hide. check

Superheroes oversee the law and order (and the Postal Services). check

Ta-ta-daa! Meet my first ever superhero-friend! And his special super-power?


Happy week!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...