The winner

Hip hooray, the winner for the Moomin giveway has been picked! I used the ever-so-trusty random.org, and it did choose (between 1-17) number 8, SNOWBIRD!

Congratulations, snowbird, and please contact me Handmadebymia at gmail.com for your shipping details, and I will be mailing you a happy Moomins-parcel asap!

I will wait the contact for a one week, and if for one reason or an another we do not get in touch by then, I will pick a new winner. Thank you so so much everyone for participating, and

Happy Monday!


**Edit. snowbird and I have been in touch, and happy Moomins will be shipped her way soon!**


Giving away some Moomins

It's been on my mind since I wrote about the new Moomins in January and again a week ago: To share some of them with you guys! I wish I could send one of those new mugs to one of you, but I am just too afraid that it'll arrive in pieces, and that wouldn't be fun for you or me. So for a while I've been looking for those new Tove100-items (here's the link to a cool e-booklet of Tove Jansson's life in English) wishing to find something that I could safely send anywhere, and it finally hit me last week! 

A pretty pot coaster! It's by Finnish fabric company Finlayson, and it has cute Moomins on both sides. Who could cook without one, really? And to add some Mia-made Moomins too I used my endless craft-skills (sarcasm intended) and screwed a hook on one cute Moomin, added a metal rings and

A happy keyring was made! And while shopping some paint&silicone rubber (don't even ask) yesterday I simply couldn't resist choosing some cute stickers too:

And to complete the set I added five happy lollipops to children and/or child at heart (read: you), so this is the set waiting to be won:

*click the image above to see the Moomin-lot little closer

Just leave a comment to this, today's post, and if you wish, you can share some thoughts of Moomins if you happen to have any, but leaving a comment with some sort of name/way to recognize you should you be the winner is enough. I will pick (randomly) one winner on Sunday, March 30th, and ship the happy Moomins-lot anywhere on the following day. Everyone's welcome to participate! Best of luck, all!

Happy Sunday!



The Best

I have the best Sister. I know, you all have great ones and such, but I have the best. She's the baby-one too (only thirty-something, that's nothing, really), quite a few years younger than me (read: five), and She also has a birthday in March. She got the usual "I choose my presents myself so I'll end up having what I really want"-Moomins (from that special Tove Jansson 100years-series):

And as usual, there were some special treats made by me also. We have a really similar taste in clothes&accessories, but She really loves tapestry bags; I think She got the bug in 90s and never really recovered. I know her tapestry-condition only so well, and I have made her a quite a few bags over the years. This birthday didn't make the exception except the bag is bigger than ever:

and there's a matching scarf too:

Oh my, She'll be ever so ready for the spring, don't you think?

And that bag should take in everything and some - the older a lady gets, the bigger the bag (sorry, Sis)!

Happy Birthday, dear Sis!


Lovely Monday to you all!



Bunny in a basket

Around this time of the year I usually have made some pretty Easter-coasters for my shop, like these and these. This year I wanted to create something different, and ended up with some happy easter-y baskets:

But hey, is there someone lurking from one of those pouches? Lets take a closer look...

 ...and closer...

Oh yes, it's a little bunny holding an Easter egg! How about the other baskets?

Hello little birdie! How about this then...

A little bunny with a snowdrop as scarf? Oh yes:

And like all the others, there's a pin on back:

...to make any outfit a happy&easter-y! Just like this little tweet with a big yellow daffodil would do:

...and still one more bunny in a basket:

Hello sweetie! Pretty tulips, a whole bunch!

All these happy baskets with little bunnies&birdies can be seen more closely in my shop here - and with them I send you a lot of sunshine and wish you a

Happy Wednesday!



What a week

This week is an official Winter Holiday (skiing holiday we call it here) in my area, and while the skiing itself is out of the question (not enough snow believe it or not) with rainy, + degrees weather and bare land, other fun and exciting activities have been found.

We had a lovely visitor for the first ever without parents-sleep over! He arrived with a big suitcase full of toys and books and games, and bathrope for going to sauna with his beloved godfather. Such fun, and he already announced that next time it'll be for two nights...

I also gathered yet an another year *sigh* but it was worth getting older as I've been spoiled with flowers, cards, presents and happy visitors. We had chocolate mudcake (some of us had sweet potato-mash and cucumber) and other favorites. Mr. Postman has delivered happy parcels all week (the best way to celebrate: a whole week!), thank you sweet people all over the world!

I've also read (library-borrowed) magazines for new inspiration and bought some springly-colored wool, and wish to show new things to you soon. And the cherry on the cake: tomorrow is the International Women's Day and my dear sister has offered to treat me, our mom and my princess-niece with coffee and buns (cucumber for some) in a lovely coffee-shop. What a wonderful week - I could get used to all this! How's your week been?

Happy Friday, and sunny weekend soon too!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...