Anybody out there still?

Uh-oh, it has been far too long since I last posted. Somehow my days seem to be so full of everything that blogging just... Also the dark&gloomy days we have had do not inspire for picture taking, but not it all has changed - spring is here (today it's still rainy and gray but otherwise), days are longer and sun even shines at the times. So what have you been up to? Still munching those post-easter-y chocks? 

Easter was fun and relaxing here, snowing a bit as usual, but otherwise just great. Slow knitting, reading, and of course that chocolate. Evenings are quite dark still, and flower I got from my Sis for Easter is perfect for those:

This year I also managed to get some Easter decorations done, I made some little felt fabric eggs and sent them all over the world (well last minute as usual, but I think they got to their receivers quite in time), those I think I need to make more later, some even to my shop for next year (I may need to start today, this year Easter got me, and I did not get any special things on my shop shelves!), but before that I would need to find some 100% wool felt fabric in lovely colors, any suggestion, friends?

I also celebrated my birthdays earlier, nothing big as the years were not round (but number is getting BIGGER, yikes), but lovely family time, happy gifts and lot's flowers. Just as I like it! We also traveled to Helsinki, had fantastic time there, saw some happy cats in Cat Cafe Helsinki, shopped some Moomins in Moomin Shop Helsinki, and just laughed and enjoyed it all!

So all in all great start for 2016 - and I wish it'll all get better by the day when summer gets closer! I can't wait to take my crafting studio to our patio and turn it into a happy sweatshop (you know what I mean, we have had two really BAD summers, please fingers&toes crossed it will be happy sweating for three months this year!). And it's only a few weeks away!

Wishing you lovely April days, hope you all get to walk your happy paths in sunshine! See you soon again!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...