I´ll be back

Tears, hugs, smiles, cards, gifts, cake, chocolate,
picnic, packing, farewells, rush, lists,
emptying a locker,
more tears, more hugs, MORE cake, sun,
poems, MORE gifts, taking off the watch,
emptiness, fullness - holidays.

Welcome new and bright(er) future.

I´ll be back in a bit when my head stops spinning.



Treasury trunk full

...and I am so happy! My handmades have made it into four (yes, four!) treasures at etsy, please take a look:

♥ My ladybug pouch made it to this wonderful bug-treasury

♥ My orange bag was chosen to this lovely, spicy treasure

♥ My little bee cozy is in this buzzing treasury

♥ My birdie coasters are with these lovely couples

Those treasures are filled with wonderful items, and I would love to thank all these lovely etsians for their kindness:


Happy Midsummer Day!



Happiness is...

... finally finished table runner...

...started last summer, oh yes...

...with hand crocheted (not mine, unfortunately) details...

...thrifted, reused vintage-ish fabrics...

...and just my colors...

...matching the precious Midsummer roses at my garden...

... happiness.

Sending you rose-scented Midsummer greetings from a happy, sunny spot

--<--@ Mia


Roses are red

When I browse through many, many pages of beautiful creations at etsy, I keep wondering where those talented people get their inspiration. Do they find it from the books, magazines or movies? Or does it come from the nature: just seeing a beautiful flower, bird or a butterfly?

For me the old fabrics are an endless inspiration. I keep wandering around the thrift shops (all five of them that we have in my not-so-big hometown) to look and touch piles of fabrics. And sometimes, when I see a fabric or trim or even a button, certain idea pops into my mind.

On the other day I found this old table cloth and beautiful matching vintage trim and just saw what sort of purse those would make together. I hesitated for a second because I felt the colors were a bit Christmas-spirited but with white wool... I just had to give it a go even it is June. And I think I was right: it turned out beautiful (even I say so myself):


They got each other yesterday *sniff* and my coasters made it into this happy couples-treasury, most perfect day of all.

Happy Sunday!


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Today is the royal wedding, and that phrase is perfect for my creations too.
I am preparing a wedding studio on my living room (snacks, tissues and my Sis,
men will be having their outdoor moments) - and I am loving it.

Happy and love-filled Saturday!


P.S. More details of my creations here


Go go go! Ale ale ale!

It seems that last year around this time it was raining and cold-ish here even I already was on holidays. I still have two and half weeks work left so my theory does not hold: it´s not sunny and pretty if you work on summer and rainy if you´re on holidays. It seems that it always rains here no matter what.

I have dreamed of cleaning up the entire house (cupboards and crating space included) but haven´t found the energy. Or maybe the energy is there but I use it for something else? I have done some crafts and waited Spain to start the games (that takes a lot of energy, I even checked some other teams to find a new favorite but nope). I am not that big on football (I am a Finn so ice hockey is the game) but when the guys running around the pitch are like him one must enjoy. Truly.

I wish you a fantastic week with this. Started my love for football (read: Ricky) some twelve years ago. Maybe this will do the trick to you also?


P.S. Some pictures? Later I suppose, enjoy the links in the meanwhile :)


Red ready

This bag has been ready for a while now but it waited (lining) beautiful weather to be photographed outside. Today has been stormy and rainy but there was a little pause between dark and gloomy and heavy showers so we had a quick(est) photo shoot. And the bag looks beautiful (even I say so myself). And it also is - and large, my biggest felted bag so far.

I have an another flowered bag (custom order) in a way, but even it may have some similar flowers, it will be totally different still, and that´s what I love in handmade. All are a little different and unique, so they´re truly yours only.


All three packages have been sent to the lucky winners, hope you´ll love them all. Thank you still once all!

Happy Saturday!


Winners! Winners! Winners!

Dear my Aunties blog-readers,

I took care of very important task today. My dear Auntie came to my house (late, indeed, I was just heading outside but she insisted a photoshoot right now - I agreed after seen some chocolate cookies) with a pretty blue bowl with some interesting white stuff inside.

First I was not allowed to touch (crossed me a bit) but then I was asked to pick one. One - I wanted to pick many. But she (my auntie) insisted (she insist a lot sometimes) only one. Ooookay...

And now what? An another? Is this getting boring or what? No, no, I´ll do it (eyeballing those cookies again)... Here we go...

...Let me see... Aha, aha, that´s correct. And...What? Yet an another? *sigh*

Was this third? And last? Let me check who it was? K...

..Kerry? Can you double-check? I think it was Kerry (your handwriting sucks, Auntie), kisses to her. And now can I get my cookies?

Thaank you.

(After two chocolate cookies, took about twelve seconds)

Can we do it again, Auntie - like right now? I am feeling very photogenic just now? No? In a few months, maybe? I love you all, Aunties readers, and congratulations to all winners, kisses, kisses! What did you say, Auntie? I didn´t yet tell who the winners were? Ohhoh, pardon me, here we go then:

So number one was LittleGem, and she will get my Aunties red set as she said she liked it best. I think it´s pretty too. Second was Amaranta, and she´ll get the blue set (I love the bunny!) and third was Kerry, and she´ll get the green one. Yippee - all done! Now I would love you ladies to contact my auntie via e-mail at handmadebymia at gmail.com so she can get your mailing address. And my photograph with my autograph perhaps? No? Mummy says no, alright, in few years then. This was lovely anyway, I´ll do it again anytime. Kisses!



So the lucky winners, LittleGem, Amaranta and Kerry, please drop me a line and I´ll post your packages soon! Thank you all for lovely comments, each and every of them made my day. And it was so great that I wish you all continue leaving comments in future, too and I promise to come to visit your blogs also!

Happy Thursday!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...