Happy Easter

A clean house, little Easter treats here and there, springly-light colored rugs and pillow cases, four days break ahead, great books picked from library, sunny evening, candy in the cupboard, little ones coming to visit auntie&uncle several times = bliss. 

Wishing you a wonderful Easter!




Only a week five days until Easter-holidays, can you believe it? This spring has been so quick, March/April until today disappeared just like that. Tomorrow is the Palm Sunday, and traditionally children make pretty Easter-branches and go around to meet&greet their family, relatives and friends to wish them all the best for the year to come. The little visitors are always rewarded with some little surprises, chocolate eggs, little toys, maybe coins. My nephew has made his visit every year (this is the 6th), his visit a few years back can be seen here. Tomorrow will be the first time when they come as pair, my nephew and my little niece (6months), but I think it still is my nephew's show this year. He loves all kind of treasury hunts, and I am planning a little egg-adventure for him for tomorrow.

My nephew loves the movies Despicable Me 1&2, and especially the little yellow Minions. If you are not familiar with them, this could be a good start or this, they really are the cutest. And the movies are great too, we have watched both many times. Many. I couldn't find any Minions-themed eggs or decoration here, so I had to (once again) improvise. So just a quick glimpse to internet (many minions there) and I was good to go!

I am sure you all are familiar with toilet roll-crafts? You either have made some yourself or have received a family-heirloom-to-be from your children/grandchildren, I presume? These are quite popular in kindergarten (we used to have a huge basket next to front door, and parents brought rolls weekly for us to use, and all were used by the end of the season, talk about cheap and innovative crafts), and really a great way to create happy decoration with anything at home, no shopping needed.

I was absolutely sure I had both yellow and blue paper at home, but when I started my minion-making I couldn't find either. Typical. But a creative crafter gets over a little obstacle like this in a second, out comes regular printing paper, old watercolors and only a slightly over-sized brush. Yellow&blue here I come!

After a quick dry it was time to start creating these little yellow-blue guys. I had no pattern, and this is no way a real tutorial to how-to, you just need to choose materials you like and go for it!

After dressing up, creating the face and adding the hands I just squeezed the little guys into sort of oval shape, cut a little pieces off the down corners, bent the pieces inside the tube and used a tiny metallic brad to keep the pieces (the bottom) together. This way the tube gets a flap bottom...

... and they can sit prettily too! Please ignore my black fingertips, they just were full of glue mixed with some eyes-black.

These can be filled with some candy or eggs or anything you wish! And even these are not *ahem* highly original (there are many similar and other wonderful ideas in pinterest and elsewhere), I am sure a little boy tomorrow will be thrilled. I know I will.

With these happy guys I wish you a wonderful weekend and sunny and bright last days before Easter Holidays! I also invite you to have a look at my Etsy-shop where I have Easter sale (-20% with code SPRING14) that lasts until next Thursday, and then I will close the shop for the holidays.

Sweet Saturday!




Last two weeks(and weekends) have been full. Sort of too much of everything: work, windy-cold weather, deadlines to meet, dirty windows. It feels that I spent at least a day and half on the phone too sorting both business&personal things. Working from home has many benefits, but it sometimes feels than when you open your eyes in the morning, it all is there, immediately, waiting. Same goes for the evenings; it's too easy to continue a little more, and before you know, it's time to go to bed. And same again next morning. This said I love working with my own schedule, and doing a bit of this and then some of that, having tea and then getting back to those...

Like designing a happy fox purse and making a hedgehogs-wall hanging or playing with some cute moomins and matching the wools with earthy-tones. Every day is different.

But home was the topic here, and Moomins are at their new home too!

They arrived there on Friday, and were gladly welcomed by MoominTroll and a happy lady called Lottie, seems that they've been waiting for the parcel together for some time already?

Hooray, I'm happy to send Moomin-love all over the world! And a big thank you Snowbird for the pictures!

Have a lovely new April week, sunshine and happiness to all!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...