Happy Easter already!

I have blogged about buying handmade earlier, but every single time I do so it still amazes me. How talented, creative and kind people crafters are. They make pretty, unique things, they explain to dummy (read: me) buyers how to use their shops and how to pay and all this with a smile in their face. How amazing is that?

I ordered these beauties from hugely talented Beth from The Linen Cat. They did not only arrive in record time but also packaged so pretty I almost could not open them - and there was an extra gift for me inside too. Oh yes indeed, I purchased these as gifts, and my nephew has already collected his and one is for my mom.

How could I make such a mistake - ordering only four? Beth, here I come... I definitely need some for me too!

Happy Easter even it´s a bit early!



I have wanted to try covering my own buttons for a while (yes, that´s been on my to-do list along the fabric scarf and many other wonderful ideas) and some time ago I finally managed to order the stuff. And some good stuff it was, and came from here quickly - thank you Agnes!

I had a button factory running in full speed here on last Saturday and my dear Sis assisting. Actually it was her who made most of those pretty buttons as I was tearing my hair out: all but one of my Moomin fabrics had too large images. Too bad.

But look at the other pretty buttons we (read: she) made! I just wanted to get them in use immediately and started to think of a felted pouch without needle felted figures (can there be one?) and I remembered my all time favorite stitch: a moss stitch!

I knitted a few pouches some of our buttons in mind, lined them matchingly and oh, how I like them! I am already knitting a bag with moss stitch and yes, most likely it will have one of those buttons too.

It feels lovely to make something new (even it´s not that big, just same old wool but it feels different to me) and also yet an another thing done from my to-do list! And, hey: it was just as good as I though if not even better!

Have a great Tuesday!


Something else

Sometimes I surprise myself and get something done that I have planned a long time. One of those things was a fabric scarf, which I wrote down to my ideas-book some two years ago. Time went by and knitting, felting and whatever always came along and the scarf was left on to-do list.

Last Saturday I finally managed to get one done! And it was fun, QUICK and it ate up my fabric stash - a perfect project. And it gets those pretty ribbons in use too - even better!

I made this one as a gift and its receiver actually liked it a lot, even it took some family guessing if it was a table runner or...? But a keeper, definitely. I actually need one in pink immediately myself - so back to sewing machine!

Happy Wednesday!


Birdies once more

I know, I know, you all have had enough of birdies for a while but I still needed to show these, just to make sure all are not dark&scary as the valkyries earlier! These are quite happy, bright and make at least me smile!

I am avoiding the cleaning my workspace, washing clothes and getting ready to work tomorrow-stuff by making anything but.

Although: who said that the very last day of holiday should be spent with doing boring/miserable/I-hate-it -things?

You´re right: I´ll continue knitting and start season 5 of this. (I´ll be miserable later!)

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Ride of the valkyries vol.2

Not that scary any longer?

I have wanted to make some felt keyrings for a long time but didn´t quite get the idea right. Then I started to think felt as fabric! Cutting it still scares me even I have done brooches that way, and even worse: these birdies needed to be sewn also. But hey, with my beloved machine there was no problem! I also managed to start cutting my precious trims - they were perfect for this project! And by using them I can buy more - hooray!

I have made quite a few birdie-keyrings already and see many in different colors coming later - and hopefully this will be the very last of the Valkyrie-series, the theme has been in my head all day!

My holidays are almost over *mild curse* but it´s been so sunny, bright and happy here today that it´s definitely spring - and before long summer. And for summer I have BIG plans. About that later, now

Happy Friday!

Ride of the valkyries...*

... try it with this. Scary, huh?

*said the man of the house, not me


Fantastic Mr. Fox

It started with this thrifty prettiness

+ some mossy green wool

+ these little guys

+ some foxy lining


Oh my, fantastic Mr. Fox!


Pillow talk

I have been knitting and felting quite a lot this weekend, and the pillowcase above is one of my latest creations. It will (hopefully) make someone smile as much as my friends birthday present made me:

... A pink dog with a pink pearly necklace! I for sure did not know I needed one but now that we´ve met I simply cannot think life without. She is called Nora and she keeps me company while I surf the net or watch telly. My hands busy knitting at the same time.

Thank you dear friend!

Happy Sunday!


Getting older

It is Thursday and only one day before my winter holidays (of nine days!) will begin. I am looking forward to lazy days of knitting, felting and learning how to use my new camera! Yes, it arrived as an early birthday gift! It feels and looks like a proper camera, and I love it even I have no glue how to use it yet. I am going to take millions of pictures next week and get really friendly with that baby of mine. So getting yet an another year is not that bad with a fabulous gift I suppose?

My little birdies have made some new friends - at etsy they made into this fabulous treasury (thank you so much, Ana!) and then there´s a giveaway at Heather´s great blog here - you can visit it and maybe the birdies will move in with you! Thank you both Ana and Heather!

Now I am off to knit a bit and start counting the hours until the holidays. At this hour tomorrow I will be watching this (read: him) - I am huge fan of ginger (read: him) so there´s no better way to start holidays is there?

Nope, I didn´t think so.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Pardon me for using links excessively, will do less next time

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...