Summer stay with me

May is almost over, and wow! what a month it has been! It's been hot, sunny and summery, just like in best days of June or even July. I am a bit worried for the rest of the summer as it's started this great but hey, even if there were not a single sunny day more this summer, it would still 100% better than last year.

I have had quite a few things to do, but when there's been a minute to spare I've run outside and barefoot if possible... Fantastic! And all this green has inspired me to make some traditional summer things that usually have appeared here in July, but I just couldn't resist...  So here we go: Strawberries!

Strawberry clutch! Oh and how I love that lining-fabric...

Strawberry phone cozy, starring the same cute lining. And last but not least...

Some new strawberry pins! With little birdies, naturally. Welcome summer!

These all can be found in my shop here, and I think more of these ever-so-summer things will appear there soon - I love this kind of inspiration!

Happy last days of May!



May inspiration

This beautiful May Thursday I have been inspired by

*flowers, pink, leaves, green, sunny skies, yellow, nature, brown, blue skies, blue*

 I think it's all all there and some more. What inspires you today?


Lovely Thursday, everyone!


P.S. The May-inspired cozies can be seen more closely here.


Half May

May is in half already, how and when did this happen? It's been pretty busy here, and a great deal of things have been done and even more to be done still. No pretty pictures to show the new corners yet, but good things come to those who wait years, I think? Sarcasm doesn't get things done, though (tried and failed), and what really helps is to look the other way every now and then. Away from things unfinished, unpacked and undone. It's good to get back to basics then, and to do something you enjoy, can really manage and oh yes, something that once finished, makes you smile:

Hello happy keyrings! Done little by little here and there, and suddenly I realized I've ended up with a set of ten! There are needle felted little birdies, a happy cat with a new set of pearls, even a little mouse! Smiles guaranteed, I wish? They'll be moving (moving is the flavor of the month around here?) into my shop any minute now; you can hop in to take a closer look.

Raindrops are falling as I type, but it's getting green and pretty here, and we're waiting a heatwave to hit us by end of the week. I wish your days are full of blooming flowers and warming rays of sunshine...

Happy May!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...