My precious

Christmas came early this year.

For the small*...
 ...and the bigger ones too!
Happy Thursday, everyone!


* "My elephant!" he said, and no wonder, it visited us last year too!


The good, the bad and the ugly

In the mornings this week we've been enjoying some whopping +7C, and with constant rain and blow-your-head-away wind I think it's time to sum this "summer" up. The good, the bag and the ugly. I might add some on the good-section later if the weather surprises us in August still but I must say I'm weak in faith here.

The company has been good, real good. I have spent a lot time with a wonderful little guy, and we've had some memorable times. We've also enjoyed fantastic fresh veggies and berries (I love strawberries, raspberries are his favorites) and some fantastic BBQ (less than last summer but still) and ice-cream.


I also have enjoyed many bike rides and long walks with my dear(est and only) sister, that is priceless. You get centimeters off your ass and troubles off your mind - it just doesn't get better than that. Rain has tried to keep us off the walking tracks but ha! we have water-proof jackets and trousers and The Northern Exposure-attitude so we just keep going.


Work-wise it's been the best summer ever. I have been busy, and have been lucky to get steady stream of orders from June to this date. Previous years May-June have been slow but not this year. Fantastic. That said it also makes this the first summer for a long time I haven't had a proper holidays, and I definitely need some and soon. I am wishing to have a week off everything in a months time but we'll see.

And then the weather. It has been somewhat *#>>>!!* and after two great summers it has been almost physically painful to wake up every single morning to rain. Oh well, there's always a next, and it should be great again and maybe there will be still hot autumn and all that blaah-blaah we us Finns have been making up lately, and that hasn't helped at all. Not at all. But what I have had so much of joy and happiness of in these rainy days are the Olympics! Thank you UK and London, you've been a life-saver for us this summer! And although we have only two medals so far (1 silver, 1 bronze), there's still hope as in half on hour three (yes THREE) of our guys will be throwing javelins in the final (yes FINAL)! I am sure if we get three medals today, this summer turns into great instead of bad&ugly. So fingers crossed!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


**Edit, at 22:30 - we got an another bronze, yippeeee! I think the rain is just about to stop too!**



It's August already, I cannot believe it! That said I am almost happy it is as the weather is far better than it was in June&July but still. August is not quite autumn yet but... Here in Finland schools are starting again in a few weeks, almost everyone have had their holidays and nights are getting darker...Scary. I do not mind autumn when it's sunny, dry and crisp which it mostly here isn't. It usually is rainy and windy and all this will end up to winter...huh. But IT'S NOT AUTUMN YET so I'll show you something else instead and we'll forget this issue altogether for a few months still. So quick, quick, quick something I really like... Hmm..stripes? Yes! Matchy-matchy? Definitely! My boys? Perfect, here we go:
Nephew-godfather fashion check in Summer 2012. I LOVE IT. And I love blue and white together, and add a little red...
Thank you so much Glenys! I am so happy to receive this award, but as have had one earlier already, I am just thanking you dearly this time, and moving on to these colors:
...the great color-combo of blue-red&white, and that's so hot these days as the UK is the most wanted place right now! The Olympics! Oh how I would like to be there, now more than ever as they started to compete in that fantastic stadium too. I am big fan of all Athletics like high jump, javelin throw, decathlon... And we as Finns even have a few great candidates there for medals - I know teams like GB and USA have many golds already, but we're still waiting our first(medal). It might be necessary to say that I love the games come medals or not but it would be the cherry on top. I am now off to sofa one eye on telly and other choosing great colors for some new stripes...
...and I wish you a wonderful Friday and happy weekend soon too! Let's all enjoy the games and cheer to all wonderful athletes!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...