You still remember my moaning-ish post a while back about the signs? Since then the signs have gotten more mixed, as...

... roses are blooming again...

... skies are blue..

... and my poor happy toes are out again (after weeks in woolen socks, no wonder they look shy and pale), and all this as I just...

...hit my autumn-y colored wool and got my first Christmas stocking designed. Oh well, it's September tomorrow, that should set this all straight.

Happy weekend, dear friends!



It's time again...

...to celebrate someone's birthday! It's the 5th already, can you believe it? And do you still remember his traditional present?

It's the bouncy-elephant! And traditional? Oh yes, here and here are the previous years. And by checking those links you can see how much that little guy has grown:

... and what does that sweater say, let's have a closer look:

Oh my, can you stay still for a second, darling? Auntie is pretty slow with her camera today. That's better... Here we go:

I love you too, sweetie.


Happy and sunny Sunday to you all too, it's a beautiful day here!



The signs are all there

 ... The conclusion?


Happy Thursday come rain or shine!


* Happy fox&birdie moved into my shop here.


Dear diary

I am still in mood for stationary this week, it must be the autumn-y weather. For many the New Year is the time for new calendar and diary, but for me that has always been August. As long as I remember I've bought a new calendar in the end of the summer, and started it when the new school year started. Same goes to all sort of notebooks and diaries: they traditionally are started in January, but I like to have some new ones for Autumn. It is handy for small business planning too as we're heading to the busiest season.

This time I didn't want to run to buy new notebooks but dug into my existing paper stash, and da-dah, no shopping needed! I had quite a few one or two books I had forgotten, I think I had them from a sale somewhere, and they're otherwise perfect but the covers were not the greatest - probably why I had tucked them into the cupboard in the first place.

But as a happy hoarder very thrifty and sensible person, I always have some fabric scraps around the studio, and I started putting together some new covers for the books. And even I started with sewing only, I somehow ended up making a few covers with needle felted figures too. And matching pen cases, oops!

I really do not need all of covers I have made, so some of them will be in my shop here just in case you should have an ugly but otherwise wonderful notebook in hand, you're so welcome to have a closer look! And as usual, I still have some more in progress, and they'll jump into my shop later too. I really like the idea of the re-usable book cover made of re-used fabrics, it really can't get more environment friendly than that or what do you think?

Happy Wednesday!



Color your Tuesday

August has started beautifully here, it's +26C as I type, and it's been like this for a few days...and no end to be seen! It's fantastic, and if you ask me, this could continue for months still. This year July turning August wasn't that bad as the summer has been beautiful, but there's a certain nostalgia in the air still: the schools and the kindergartens are starting this week, a sure sign of autumn.

Even I'm not going to school this autumn, I still love to shop some new pens and papers. I have tried to live up to my promise to write more real letters (just posted two yesterday!), and just got some new pretty stationary and some colorful pens. I use these fiber pens all the time, and keep misplacing them too... Now I have a box with paper&envelopes&pens - I can't loose the whole box surely?

Trying out my new, colorful pens got me into stripey-mood, and with this weather I didn't feel like playing with wool, I dug into my fabric stash instead. And oh yes, stripes did I find!

I made two little pouches and a birdie-keyring, and there are still some little scraps left. With these happy birdies in love (who already flew into my shop) I wish you a wonderful new August-week, may it be sunny and pretty!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...