It's October already, wow! And busy holiday season is lurking just around the corner too... 83 days only! After quite hectic past seasons I made a decision this January already to be try to be in time for once in my life, and my goal is to have a slower December. So October 2nd seems like a great day to start, except... It's a beautiful sunny (yet crisp) day here, so showing the actual C-stockings seemed... a bit much, so I opted for stocking-fillers instead:

Happy, happy pouches with birdies...

My beloved stripes (and not)

Cats, foxes, hedgehogs and a happy squirrel... All these happy pouches ready to be put into those stockings in my shop now -20% here 

for a few days! I am officially announcing Holiday Season 2013 opened! Hooray!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. So many things have happened over the past a few weeks, I will be back with news soon!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...