Tweed lover

My love for tweed continues - and grows. I have been busier than humanly possible (and that said more tired than in months, also) so I haven´t had time to knit or felt. I managed to sneak into a few thrift stores this week though and what! there are loads of tweeds in there if you know where to look (I have been complaining so much how I really should take a trip to UK to buy pretty tweed and how it can´t be found here in Finland. Silly me.) All you need to do is pass all the clothes and fabrics that are only 10-20 years young and there they are.

I found many beautiful wool-polyester blend fabrics this week from under the sign of gentlemen - and the in many pretty shades of gray, brown, black and even some reds. Oh what stories these fabrics could tell I am sure!

And you know me, there´s no such thing as birdie-free bag - I needle felted this pretty white one with red balloon and if you look closely there´s some red at the fabric too. Once matchy-matchy always...

I have soft spot for floral linings. This one was reused flannel-sort of fabric and ah so soft. Looks and feels lovely.


I am now parking on my couch for next two or so hours to watch Eurovision song contest 2010 (even Finland did not make into finals) - it´s a tradition I cannot miss. If you have a minute, please enjoy our only victory from 2006 here. I know, it´s something else. Really.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. Still a few days until my giveaway closes and the winners will be picked - so if you haven´t yet commented, it´s not too late. Thank you!


One full year

Almost a year ago I was sewing for the same purpose as today. Last year I made pouches with rhymes and songs for very brilliant and adorable yet very small persons. Today they are so much brighter, bolder and even wiser. What a difference a year can make.

These bags I am making are to be filled with special shopping, books (library is a must) or even swimming trunks or football gear. Yes, all my little ones can walk, run and jump today. They cannot yet read but they are keen explorers of literature still. They love to sing, cycle and climb and they could live off eating ice cream for a week. They kiss and hug tightly and yes, they all are in my heart.

I ♥ you all.



Tweed, tweed

Not many words today - it seems that I gave everything I had to say (for a few days, at least) yesterday. Today was beautiful, hot and stormy day, and the leaves really started to open.

I enjoyed the sun and played with some tweed and birdies: tweed, tweed!

Happy Saturday!



Dear Friends,

It´s been almost three years since I opened my little etsy shop. When I planned it (dreamed about it), I was not actually quite sure what to expect. I dreamed about making things people would like (and also buy) but that was it. What I most certainly did not expect that mere three years later I should have 416 sales and that I would have met and got to know such wonderful persons all over the world.

Many of my customers leave some sort of comment when they visit my shop. Most of them let me know when they´ve received their item and how they liked it. Many, many leave a feedback at my shop also. Many have also just dropped by to say hello or left a comment on my work - and you can do that without buying anything! I am loving every each of those messages, comments and feedback(s) - Thank you all!

During these years I also have made etsy-friends, and with some of you I talk weekly; we just chat about our crafts, families, weather (surprisingly interesting!) and life in general. I also have received birthday gifts and cards, Christmas presents, presents just because like home-made jam, yarn that has been spin especially for me (with a picture of most handsome Alpaca gent who most kindly donated the wool!), beautiful and unique crafting supplies... Can you imagine such kindness?

All of you were on my mind today when I made the finishing touches to this little giveaway. I wanted to create things that you would like or would love to give as a present to someone special. And yes, I wanted these to be something I really liked, as they are for you!

This is my way of saying thank you all who have visited my shop during these three years and you, who have been reading my blog for over a year already. I wish you all sunny and bright summer and yes, many many happy moments together in a future. Kiitos!


There are three different sets in this giveaway this time: blue, red and green. All you need to do is just to leave a comment on this post. You can tell a story or just say hello - all I hope is, that there will be a way to contact you in case you´re one of the winners! I (or my dear nephew) will pick up the three winners on 31st of May 2010.

You can also let me know which of the three sets is your favorite, but I cannot guarantee you get the one - the person picked first gets to choose first and so on. I still wish all three sets will be equally liked and if not in your favorite color, you´ll know someone who would love it.

I will also ship your winning package via Finnish airmail (7-10 days anywhere with any luck and no volcanic activities around) so anyone, anywhere can participate! I will not be leaving any notes or hello´s to your comments like I normally would do but please if any questions, fire away - I´ll get into them on my next post!

Now to the sets and Good Luck!

1. The blue set

The blue set includes a pretty blue shopping bag/tote made of reused cotton with two fun rabbits. The bag is also lined with reused flowered cotton and there are two pockets inside. There´s also set of pretty fabric covered buttons (3) and last but not least there is Reidar the happy rabbit! He insisted wearing a blue scarf even I told him it´s too hot - he said quite strongly that he is a part of the blue set so he needs to be wearing something blue (scarf can be removed in case of over heating). Reidar was needle felted from dark brown Finnish lambswool and he has a pin on his back.

2. The red set

The red set includes a pretty cellphone/ipod/digital camera cozy which was made of reused red cottons. It´s lined with cotton too, and there´s a layer of cotton fiber between top and lining also. The cozy closes with a white-red heart button which I covered myself and it also has a matching hearty strap. The red set also includes a bright red coaster which was made of reused red cotton, bit of an old lace, heart tag and cotton fiber to make it sturdier. The set also contains a little birdie keyring made of hand knit, machine felted red-white-blue Finnish lambswool. I needle felted the eyes and wings and sew a little trim and metal ring plus red beak to it. Tweet, tweet!

3. The green set

The green set includes a hand knit and felted (100% Finnish lambswool, mossy green&moss stitched) pouch. It was lined with pretty light blue-flowered reused cotton and the button was covered with same fabric. The cozy is quite spacious, a cell or digital camera would fit in greatly or it can be used as a coin purse to carry around money, lip stick and keys. The green set also has a hand knit and felted little birdie keyring (in shades of green, naturally) with a bit of greenish floral trim and a metal ring. The green set was completed with a pretty strawberry (reused cotton) string pouch.


Happy commenting!


**edit. Comments now closed 1.6.2010 - the winners will be announced later on a new post, thank you so much everyone!**


It always rains on Sunday

Oh, how time flies! Yet an another week has gone and it´s Sunday again (and it rains, sure). I have been busy (and tired also) so even I have quite a few projects to show, I haven´t managed to blog of them. Sorry.

Thank goodness this following week will be shorter, Thursday is a national holiday and I´ll have total five days off work. And actually there are only few weeks until summer holidays... I am not counting the hours yet but definitely looking forward to some rest. Really looking forward to...


This little blog of mine also turned one last week! I realized that a few days late, was busy at the time and decided to celebrate that and great numbers at etsy and all wonderful things in life in general at the same time with a big, great giveaway! What, you say? When will that happen? Soon, I promise, I try to get everything photographed by next weekend and then it will be open for several weeks. So please bear with me still!


Today we celebrate Mothers´s day here in Finland. We had three generations over a same table today having (not so traditional) lasagna, cinnamon buns and good coffee. Hugs and kisses to all Finn moms and grannies!


I was planning to have this post without a picture but hey, I have something to show! This little bug flew in this morning and have made me smile ever since. Hopefully he does same to you:

Happy Sunday!


May Day

The weather is not that great but it is a traditional Finnish May Day weather.
Only the snow is missing.

Was it really 18 (eighteen!!) years ago when I first wore that hat?
Hopefully its owner has aged better...

Spring is late or it feels like it. So what´s to be done? Make your own flowers!

Happy May 1st!

This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...