Old habits die hard

It seems that old dog like me does not learn new tricks that easily, I think it was back in 2012 (oh yes, May 2012 actually, here ) when I found a basket full of almost finished tiny pouches, and oops! the very same happened again! I did some spring clean last week, and there they were, some missing just a few seams, and some had a happy little thing needle felted on them but nothing pretty on back. 

What could I do except get to sewing, choose some pretty trims and some buttons...

... and get the first batch finished!

And then, just as expected (you know me), I just had to make some more:

And then when all the "finish when time"-pouches were ready, what did I do? Moved on to something else? Nope, I went shopping some more...

...happy zips! In many colors! So summery! And a few more...

...happy pouches were made! These all jumped into my shop here (some have already flown out!), and they all are in sale, just like my last batch back in 2012. So if you need  want a happy little coin purse, this is the time!

Happy May to you all, I continue enjoying my sewing/knitting/felting in my outside studio on our terrace, sun shines and weather is just fantastic! Sending you some sunshine too!



Hip hey, welcome May

Even the winter felt very long (especially January and February), it still took me by surprise that we are in May! I am not complaining, though, fantastic it is! We have had wonderful weather, sunny and warm, and fingers and toes crossed this will continue all the way 'til September October. Nature is blooming around here, and as every year, that inspires me in my crafts not only the flowers but also the colors, they get brighter (if that even is possible!), and my style... Well I stick what I have chosen!

I also have made a few summer bags, which in my case means still little wool&needle felting, but gets out pretty linens...

... and cottons!

Other than crafts it's also pretty exciting times, I know you all are not ice hockey fans (not even the slightest), but here we get it via mom's milk to love it, and every year around this time the World Championships are on. We have won gold only twice, 1995 and 2011, even we simply are the best in the world (there must be some mistake on the placings other years), and every year this small nation of ours gets crazy and supports our team with bottom of its heart. We have played four games so far and won every single of them (ta-dah!), so there is time to wave that blue-white flag. To balance that success our song was left out of the Eurovision Song Contest final this year (which we only have won once, 2006) but I will still enjoy the whole thing next Saturday, such fun and definitely not to be taken too seriously. Love the surprises like Australia participating this year (well they made an entrance last year too), not part of the Europe but they love the show - a good enough for me! Have a look if you can, makes you smile and dance!

Wishing you happy and sunny May days!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...