Carve, carve, carve away

There are many (and I mean many) things on my "I-wish-to-do" list. It´s not similar to those "clean the bathroom" or "paint the porch" sort of lists but more of an "I dream of trying these someday".

It feels wonderful to study that list time to time (it mostly happens when I am too tired to actually do anything) and dream on new experiences. Yesterday I surprised myself and actually tried something from my list:

I carved a rubber stamp! I have wanted to try that since last summer I received one wonderful piece of art from a lovely fellow flickrian, Maike. She assured me it´s not that difficult. Well, took me a year to take the plunge. It´s not that I wouldn´t have the equipments, no, I most definitely have knives enough for some more stamps still.

Yes, I know, I know that this little birdie-stamp of mine is not a piece of art, and I have no idea how someone could carve letters and other teeny bits (I would need a significantly larger eraser, maybe a bake tray-sized). But I like it, and even more important: I did it myself AND finished one thing off my list. Wonderful.



The other day my post was about my home and it´s colors (pink in that case). That got me thinking colors in my life. My home is quite neutral (those whites, blues), and I also dress with white, gray, dark blue and always blue jeans. Boring you may say and be quite right. How about my crafts?

I use bright reds, greens and yellows happily and mix and match them with such a big enthusiasm. I hardly ever use "traditional" color combinations, and pair my whites, grays and browns at least with yellow or orange. I also "see" the colors either go together or not, there´s nothing in between. I admire fellow crafters, though, who use their red-white-blue´s and natural tones beautifully.

What is this all about? How about your art (well in my case crafts) reflecting you? Which one am I - a traditional bore or a color-blind goofball?

Colorful Thursday!

Pretty package

I am a real sucker for pretty packaging. When I make purchases via net, and after shorter or longer wait receive my goods, it´s always wonderful when packaging is pretty. It somehow makes the actual item even more precious, and yes, makes it easier for me to shop again with that seller.

I am always happy to get something extra also, but the most important thing for me is to see, that someone has paid some attention with my order. It can be a little note, colorful wrapping paper or even some pretty ribbon.

I package my items quite simply with clear cellophane, some pretty ribbon and in many cases handmade (always handwritten) note card. I have decided to get some cards (both note and business) printed too, but will definitely be using handmade cards still. It just adds some personal touch; what do you think?

Yet after seeing some beautiful, whimsical, colorful and professional printed notes lately I might change my mind - but my items will always be made with love , and just for you. Just I like it.




Yesterday I took a look at my home through camera´s lens. My decorating taste is quite simple and Scandinavian: wood, whites and blues and some red during the winter months. Somehow there seemed to be quite many shades of pinks around, too.

Pink is more of a spring-summer color, starting slowly around Easter. First I take out the glassware, then arrive tulips followed by geraniums. Mia the mouse is a regular all year round.

Painting my toenails is definitely a summer-thing too, and as you can see, I am little out of practice here. But hey, they still promised us +30C and more this week so barefoot is the only option, and I´ll be pretty in pink!

Happy Tuesday!


It´s raining purses

I am one of those, who have a pouch for everything. I keep some in my handbag (one for coins, other for makeup and still one for miscellaneous) and more can be found around the house. There´s one for pens, other keeps hair clips, pins and bobbles in order and there are some in my crafting space too (for lace, gift trims).

I have been sewing these little purses because I am almost out of these tweeds, and these pretty ones do not take that much. And to be honest I made some even I would have had fabric for a bigger bag too just because these are so cute (my opinion but cannot help it).

I have said that earlier already but tweed and needle felting go greatly together. These fabrics have wool in them so they blend beautifully. I also have pretty zippers in all imagining colors so the color combinations are almost endless...

...some more subtle that others but cute all the same.

It also seems that birdies will be the stars of these little purses - and who am I to disagree?

Happy week, everyone!


I ♥ ribbon

Everyone probably already knows, that I have a thing for pretty ribbons. I have quite a collection, and I have even started to use them (only a bit here and another inch there) to make others smile too.

I have been very lucky meet (via net, naturally) one of the ribbon designers, and I just received a taste of the her new designs. They have pretty foxes, badgers and little owls - how cute are these?

I have ordered some more... If you would love to get some, they can be found here. You do not speak any German? Not to worry, neither do I, just e-mail them and they´ll help you out!

Now I am off to thrift with my dear friend, hopefully I´ll have something pretty to show later.

Happy Friday!


In the summertime when the weather is (not too) hight (for shopping)

It is now official that we are having the summer of the decade, it´s been most beautiful, hot and plain wonderful. I have had my doubts (maybe based on two no three previous summers not that wonderful) and haven´t really believed the weather. It´s been "oh, maybe today still" and "it will rain tomorrow for sure". I haven´t really shopped for summer clothes either "these will do for this summer still" and "why bother when it´s so brief" and other rather negative-ish phrases. I have done some shopping though.

Oh yes, you saw it right, that is one pretty winter coat. I bought it last weekend. And yes, thermometer showed +30c but hey, it was on sale! Whopping -70% ! What can one do? Nothing but to try it on, fell in love and carry in (a bit blushed, yes) to the counter.

And what is that pretty thing on the other side of the collar? That is one pretty flower brooch - just perfect for the jacket! How about a close-up, shall we?

That is pretty. It was crocheted by very talented (and not to mention most kind) fellow blogger Vivienne from the Green Rabbit Designs. Her blog is full of lovely handmades, blooming flowers and handsome cats - I recommended it highly! Thank you, dear!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Giving and sharing*

I love gifts. To get them is a bliss (and quite important to me still at my b-days and such *blush*) but giving them is the best.

It all starts with thinking what she (or he, but mostly she´s with my handmade gifts except my lovely nephew) would like to get. No, what she would love to get. Then checking my stash, do I have everything needed or do I need to shop some more?

Then to work - when you make something special for someone special it does really not feel like work at all. Knitting goes in a heartbeat, and it almost decorates itself. (We´ll not quite but you see what a difference it makes to almost see how happy you´re going to make someone with your handmades? It´s the reason I make them at all, really!)

Packaging is part of the deal too - needs to match and be pretty, and if possible: a handmade card to top. Oh how I would love to give all the gifts like this! In real world I also buy gift tokens, order books from net and even hand out cash. But when I find the time to make it all from the scratch, it goes someone really special, always.

I love you, Sis!

Now I only need to get rid of that silly feeling that I need to keep that white-flowered bag to maintain our matchy-matchy. It already is at my shop so I may need to make another for myself. And I just got myself a new winter coat too, maybe to match that, too? To be continued...

Happy day!

P.S. * Giving, sharing and receiving...


101. post

I wish I had something interesting, exciting, fun, pretty AND finished to show on this, 101. post of mine. But oh my, I am supposed to organize my crafting space today and seem to be doing anything but. I made a promise to myself yesterday that I will not craft anything before my tables, shelves and boxes are in order. Huh, very little did I know.

I admire organized people highly. She is one great example, oh how I would love to buy Benita a flight ticket and get her to help me out with all my clutter. Just see her crafting space , I am just speechless. The Chez Larsson blog is divine, just jump in and enjoy!

My worst vice is not to toss things I really do not use. I keep thinking how I just might need this and that one day and end up keeping it all. I love crafting and have supplies for two lifetimes (underestimation of the year) and find it vee-ryy hard indeed to part any of it. And my finished items - there are quite a few also. These together cause a storage problem(s) which I am going to solve right now. Wish me luck!


Three years and counting

Today, 16th of July 2010, it has been exactly three years since I joined etsy. These three years have been full of happiness, hard work, ideas, mistakes, learning, creativeness and new friends. But most importantly by managing my little shop I have learned what I want to do for living: I want to create things that make both people and myself happy and smile. Therefore I salute next three years of happiness:

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to me!


Cats vs. dogs

For me the question is easy. I like a few dogs but LOVE cats. I actually have been a cat person all my life, and we have never had dog in our family (really!) but quite some cats, and that makes all the difference, I think.

Our oldest (and latest) cat lived 16 years and was a part of the family. No, he was the king of the family, really. And after him gone we have lived pet free, partly because of work situations and moving houses, but also as it would be really hard to replace him.

I keep dreaming of a cat, though, and will probably have one in a family later on. In the meanwhile I keep crafting cats (and an odd dog, too) and admiring fellow bloggers cat-pictures. Better than nothing I´d say.

That pink cat-bag of mine made it into this pretty kitty-treasury, I hope you´ll enjoy it too. Thank you so much Paula from CottageRose Creations!

Purr-fect day to you from sunny Finland!

P.S. They did it, yippee!


For the love of birdies

When you love something, more of that thing is better? Absolutely. That´s why I keep making birdie bags and hooray, I just realized that three (done two several times already) can be added on top of an another: a birdie tower, here you are! Looks so cute (biased or else again) that we are going to see them in future in various colors. That´s a promise.

We´re celebrating a birthday in a family today and I am supposed to provide everyone with delicious pie in three hours, and I haven´t even shopped the ingredients yet (not to mention I haven´t decided what sort of pie I shall be making). What does one do? Starts knitting an another bag. Naturally.

I am now off to shop (after just one more row, I promise!), happy weekend!



Red, hot and yellow

When you have all the possible colors on your stash it is only natural just to use one or two of them to create? Seems so. And when you only have very little stash (a rare situation I admit but been there though) it feels that you would love to use any other color than currently available? Check. Oh, the pain of creativeness!

I am quite happy with the blue&red together though. And to be honest, I have something in bright orange on my needles and something turquoise in drying. So I am enjoying my stash in whole. I was a bit overwhelmed for a moment though when I really took a look at all my new wools, there are quite a few. But it is lovely to have many to choose from.

It still is very, very hot in here, and I have had some strange looks when knitting outside. What, it is not normal to knit pure wool when it´s +30c? Just in case I took my work inside, and it really is not that much cooler here either. But nope, I am not complaining after last summers disastrous weather, and two previous ones and... You got the point.

My favorites made into finals (and I knew it before him). I´ll be camping in front of telly on Sunday and cheering them to the victory. Maybe I´ll knit something in yellow and red just to make sure they´ll nail it?

Hasta luego, amigos!


More treasures...

... from wonderful fellow etsians again! Thank you so much

http://www.etsy.com/shop/springshowers and

And what made it this time?

My yellow and violet birdie cozy, gray-striped birdie cozy, Moomins pouch and white birdie family bag. That is so cool! If you´re not too busy, go and check those lists out, please, there are some wonderful things and ever so talented sellers in etsy!


It´s not cool here, it´s VERY hot and stormy. I am still loving it, gives me a reason to stay in, eat strawberries, read and knit. Fantastic. I wish you fantastic Wednesday too!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...