Bye bye June


In June 2014 I

smelled and gathered roses
saw the gang again (I am sure they are the very same)
fell in love with Vish Puri
saw the house getting a new coat of pretty gray paint
dreamed of a new patio
saw one being build
sewed some cushions and throws 
(thank you Jane, Jane and Elf M for the beautiful materials)
both inside
to the finished deck (yes, we have one now, all we need is the warm weather)
witnessed the wonderful halo
tried my best with gardening in storm and cold
had logs on a fireplace in Midsummer (and woolen socks too most days)
watched enough football to last a lifetime
had  some lovely guests


now I am quite happy to say goodbye to it
and welcome July and sunshine with all my heart



Bzz bzz bzz

Happy bzzing in my Midsummer Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Plena'), and no wonder as Midsummer is just a week away. I wish your yard is as busy as ours - bzz bzz bzz!

Happy weekend!


P.S. Happy bzzers can be found (besides my garden) here, and the summer sale for the felted goods for a few days still here.


Summer inspiration

It's been very pretty and summery here lately, and flowers are blooming everywhere. I can't believe it is just over a week until Midsummer, I mean already? Summer time is legendary less favorite time for wool-playing and felting, but the nature certainly inspires me a great deal, all flowers, little bugs and bees... They work every time!

I made the happy birdies&bugs pouch above a while ago. It was a custom order, and was made with clients wishes. I really liked how it turned out, and oh how happy I was to receive an another custom order based that design. And it turned out happy and summery too:

This wall hanging has a little green dragonfly too, a happy and smiling one, naturally!

And once I find a design I like...you know me?

What to do next...maybe a little butterfly keyring? Oh yes, sounds like a plan!

Happy Thursday everybody!



I ain't Martha

It really doesn't take that much to understand, that sorted things are easier to use than piles marked with miscellaneous. I get those bursts of organizing-enthusiasm every now and then, and start sorting things with fury. The rest of the house is pretty much in order already (my mantra being a place for everything - everything in its place), and there's not that much clutter anywhere anymore (a huge achievement, I love things), but my studio... 

I know it is a real false advertising to show only those I think I am clever- solutions to you, but whilst we still are in progress to make everything functional (and pretty, my claim), I am not happy to show you around too much. But soon, I promise wish.

I found three different sized wooden trays (meant for knives, apparently) while thrifting the other day, and got one of my Martha-moments. I purchased all three (I know, you should be getting rid of the stuff not buying extra thingies to store them but) and wow! I have a shipping station now! A single thing with cards, tapes, glue, scissors and all in one tray, all you need to do is to find have some wrapping paper and you're all set! I can't tell you how many times just before Post closes I have been hunting for a stamp/glue/priority sticker and then with a rush-rush-rush biked after the Mail-truck to get my parcel in still. You all lovely people who have bought my handmades are so close to my hear that I want always ship asap but that has nearly killed me, really. Not anymore.

The other two trays are still in progress. One is full of sewing threads and the other has buttons, but that might still change. The very though of those trays make me happy still, as I know they'll eventually be in great use making my life easier. Love it.

I also am emptying my shop shelves, and for one week (8.6.2014 - 15.6.2014) all my wool-felted handmades are -40%! Oh yes, there's time to get those pretties moving, so I can fill the space with new designs. There's no coupon code of any sort needed, all felts are stocked in one place here, and the prices have been marked down already. Only shipping fees remain the usual, but will be combined should there be multiple purchases. So please feel most welcome to have a look, thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


This time of the year...

Usually around this time, when children go back to school, and you can just about to smell the autumn, I start to dig deeper in my fabric...