Jingle bells

Is it too early? Of course not.
I am now officially on Christmas mood - and those Moomins will be part of the plan.

... to be continued...



bastisRIKE said...

hello mia, i saw the wooden moomin on mieke willems blog. is it possible to order those? i fall in love with them ...

Mia said...

Hi bastisRIKE,

And thank you for your message! I would love to sell you a wooden Moomin but unfortunately I only got a one package (it was an old, thrifted find - I haven´t seen them anywhere earlier) and I have sent them as gifts all over to world already! I am so sorry :(

But if I ever find an another package, I´ll let you know immediately!I´ll keep my eyes open for Moomins all the time anyway ;)

Have a wonderful day and many greetings from Finland!