Lovely handmades - for me only!

I am feeling much happier now than I was when I posted last time. I am still thinking and dreaming (and even planning) my crafts-only-life, though, but much calmer sort of way. And I keep enjoying handmade prettiness - making, selling and buying it.

Oh yes, I have purchased some beautiful stuff. Some from etsy, some from dawanda and some found via flickr. I am going to show all them here starting from the latest perfection that arrived yesterday!

Let me introduce you Mia the Mouse:

She was little shy at first, being away from home and all, but it only took a minute. Her wonderful and talented creator Shelley from The Beauty is in a Detail had trained her well for the journey: she soon was exploring her new home and wanted to see upstairs too.

She jumped up the stairs to see my crafting space as she knew, that she would be spending most of her time there with me. I am now off to show her around - thank you still once Shelley!

You can see more of Shelley´s beautiful work here and purchase her wonderful handmades here! And oh, she also made me the most beautiful corsage - to match my clothing and Mias´s stripes - all pink! Thank you so much, Shelley, you made my day!

Have a lovely Saturday!



Sandra said...

Such a cutey! Great work by Shelley and good for you to buy it!

Mia said...

Thanks, Sandra! I just love my little mouse and Shelley´s work! Makes me so happy! Thank you for visiting me here!

Shelley Weeks said...

Hey Mia!!

Glad to see she got there safe and well! Looks like she has lots of exploring to do!! Thank you for the lovely write up!!


Mia said...

Hi Shelley!

Yes, she loves it here I could say ;) so many new places to see! Thank you still once for everything - it was a pleasure!


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