Buy handmade!

The prettiest peg bag was found at Raspberryfairy´s
wonderful shop. You´ll find her here.

Do you sew, knit or crochet? Do you still buy handmade goods sewn, knitted or crocheted? I do - and even I cannot crochet I buy adorable patterns (to-make-when-retired).

Sometimes it amazes me when people ask why I buy when I could (try) make this and that myself. Of course I could, but sometimes I just do not want to. If I see something I love, making it just "because I can" would be copying someone´s great idea, and it just is not my cup of tea. And buying pretty and clever things someone else created makes me feel good and yes, then I can expect someone else to buy mine too.

Happy shopping!


raspberry said...

Thanks for featuring me, so pleased that you love it!

Mia said...

You´re so welcome, I am a big fan of your work! Happy spring!

This time of the year...

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