From a scrap to a bag

I have done some serious cleaning and sorting on my fabric stash. It (the stash and whole process, actually) was bigger than I have wanted to admit, and I realized that I need to get rid of some.

I thought it would be easier to start the binning with the smallest scraps but heavens! how difficult it was. I just kept making nice piles with reds, blues, whites when it hit me: A scrap bag! I´ll use all (read: some) of these to make bags! Alone they´re too little but together... Just perfect.

Now I have piles of whites & blues, yellows & oranges, browns & whites waiting to be sewn. Sigh. How did I fool myself this bad again?

Happy Sunday!


Sonia said...

did you use a pattern for this? I love the red one.

Mia said...

Hi Sonia,

I´ve designed&drawn my own pattern to this bag, and cut it out of cardboard, very professional indeed ;) The fabrics I just chose from heart.

It´s so great that you liked the bag - thanks for visiting, and please feel welcome to come again!


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