Weird (but good) taste

Oh, those cuties up there are some of the fabrics I found while thrifting the other day. I am in love. Some of the fabrics look like they were originally parts of a fabric book, there are page numbers and all. But just see the figures. Oh my! There were some with alphabets also, and some more cute animals. I am definitely going to make some pretty tote bags out of those.

Then the other wonderful finds. I came along with a huge piece of unused (?) pink linen, and just had to grab that. I see bags, pouches, cozies and more bags... Is it strange how different things one might like? My house is more of that pink-white-blue-shabby-chic-sort of style but I also adore everything with children-like-seventies-giraffes on it. Is it that I have a wider range of possibilities (for making cute things) or ...? You decide and let me know, please.

Sunshine to all!


Mat`amiT said...

wow nice handiwork, very creative

Mia said...

Thank you! and very nice to have you visiting me!


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