Yet an another week gone

Oh-oh, my week of freedom is over. Already. Darn.

No really, I think I got quite a few things done (even I didn´t post anything here, pardon me) and even some crafts. I also visited a craft show with my sister and my dear bh* started to renovate an extra space for my crafts (will be in use maybe next summer) - so a crafty week, indeed. The resting was not done but knitting on my own sofa with cup of coffee in 9.00 am with no rush to run anywhere equals 8 hours sleep, take my word.

I also got some orders finished which made me quite happy. The last is still on my table but here´s a little peak:

Here ame others I made (even with my tooth aching, how come it hurts more after the dentist´s appointment than before?) this week:

...and some more yet to be photographed. Not bad?


Now it´s (only) two months until Christmas, not too bad either. Have a happy new week!


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