I love birdies

I really do love birds. I use them at my own work (a lot!) but I also like them at my own home - and somehow it seems that my latest handmade buys are birds too! I am going to decorate our house for holiday spirits next weekend. Not the tree quite yet but lights , more candles, and some other beauties... Like these:

I found them via etsy (we could actually say that we found each other there!), and they´re made by the nicest and the most talented Rachael, please take a look at her shop here and blog here - they´re full of knitted beauty! I actually have visited her again for some more...

And when those red beauties go up, it´s time to say good-bye for these two guys for a while:

See you again after Christmas!

I found those two little sweethearts via dawanda, they´re done by talented Helga - please take a look at her shop here!

Now I am off to work - have a wonderful week beginning!


Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


Mia said...

Thank you - and you´re all very welcome!

Many greetings from Finland!



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