Happy birdie factory

I am happy and proud of every handmade item I make and also cherish unique items in general. Even still I dream of making some sort of serial work with my crafts as I think it could make it a bit (a bit? hah!) effective and quicker. I am bad at it, and it´s definitely something I need to concentrate in future.

Making three items in a row was as close to a factory as I got today. But hey, this was supposed to be a HAPPY factory and if three is what it takes so be it (for now). I am getting there!

Have a happy Sunday!


Anne said...

Hello Mia,

It's great to see some new pins in your shop. My favorite is the blue bird.
Have an enjoyable weekend.


Mia said...

Thank you, Anne! I am feeling the spring (even it´s a snow storming outside at the moment!) so the little birdie pins just popped in to my mind. Happy that you like them!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Helen said...

Cheep, cheep, love those new pins Mia!! Love Helen x

Mia said...

Thank you, Helen! The birdies say HI!

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