Ride of the valkyries vol.2

Not that scary any longer?

I have wanted to make some felt keyrings for a long time but didn´t quite get the idea right. Then I started to think felt as fabric! Cutting it still scares me even I have done brooches that way, and even worse: these birdies needed to be sewn also. But hey, with my beloved machine there was no problem! I also managed to start cutting my precious trims - they were perfect for this project! And by using them I can buy more - hooray!

I have made quite a few birdie-keyrings already and see many in different colors coming later - and hopefully this will be the very last of the Valkyrie-series, the theme has been in my head all day!

My holidays are almost over *mild curse* but it´s been so sunny, bright and happy here today that it´s definitely spring - and before long summer. And for summer I have BIG plans. About that later, now

Happy Friday!

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