Tweed, tweed

Not many words today - it seems that I gave everything I had to say (for a few days, at least) yesterday. Today was beautiful, hot and stormy day, and the leaves really started to open.

I enjoyed the sun and played with some tweed and birdies: tweed, tweed!

Happy Saturday!


Jane said...

Lovely tweed again Mia, I really love this combo . Hope you are keeping well? Spring has been slow here but we are warming up and tomorrow the forecast in 23oc which should put a smile on our faces. Take care, Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane!

It´s been wonderful here last five days or so, even +25 --- +27C !! We are a bit worried, though, that this IS our whole SUMMER, and next weekend, when it cools down it will not get back to those numbers again...

...but now we´re definitely smiling!

Enjoy your sun :)



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