Go go go! Ale ale ale!

It seems that last year around this time it was raining and cold-ish here even I already was on holidays. I still have two and half weeks work left so my theory does not hold: it´s not sunny and pretty if you work on summer and rainy if you´re on holidays. It seems that it always rains here no matter what.

I have dreamed of cleaning up the entire house (cupboards and crating space included) but haven´t found the energy. Or maybe the energy is there but I use it for something else? I have done some crafts and waited Spain to start the games (that takes a lot of energy, I even checked some other teams to find a new favorite but nope). I am not that big on football (I am a Finn so ice hockey is the game) but when the guys running around the pitch are like him one must enjoy. Truly.

I wish you a fantastic week with this. Started my love for football (read: Ricky) some twelve years ago. Maybe this will do the trick to you also?


P.S. Some pictures? Later I suppose, enjoy the links in the meanwhile :)


Anonymous said...

You like Torres then, Mia!!! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Oh yes, Vivienne :)

This time of the year...

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