I´ll be back

Tears, hugs, smiles, cards, gifts, cake, chocolate,
picnic, packing, farewells, rush, lists,
emptying a locker,
more tears, more hugs, MORE cake, sun,
poems, MORE gifts, taking off the watch,
emptiness, fullness - holidays.

Welcome new and bright(er) future.

I´ll be back in a bit when my head stops spinning.



Anne said...

Have a great summer. I like this image of your special glass bowl with the watch.
Have a great roadtrip!!
Greetings from a sunny land.


Mia said...

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your message! We had a great trip, and I´ll show my new wools to you later, I´ll post about them here too.

Wonderful summer to you all too and loads of sun from beautiful and hot Finland!


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